Deuter ACT Lite Backpacks Video


I’m Bernd Kullmann from Deuter. The Deuter brand stands for 111 years of quality and innovation in rucksack manufacture. The Deuter Aircontact back system is just one of these many innovations. Highly breathable foam ridges trigger a pump effect, whereby humid air is expelled from the back area and fresh dry air is pumped back in. A deep, wide, ventilation channel in between the foam reinforces this effect. The easy to use Vari-Quick back link system means that the pack sits perfectly on the back of its carrier. At 50 liters there is ample room for all of the kit that you might require on a multi-day tour. For those who need even more space, the lid compartment can be raised, the main compartment extended, and a further 10 liters can be achieved. Multiple compartments ensure organized packing. There is a large sleeping bag compartment in the base of the pack. A main compartment, a lid compartment, and internal pocket for valuables, an expandable front pocket, and the standard issue two side pockets. Weighing in at a mere 1.5 kilograms, the Aircontact 50+10 is the perfect combination of lightweight, durability, and comfort.


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