Deuter ACT Lite 75+10 Video


Here I have got the Deuter ACT Lite 75+10 backpack. This pack is designed with a heavy hauling, large capacity backpacker or traveler in mind. This pack has so many carry features, different organizational options that make it really user friendly and it even comes with a summit pack that you can remove for shorter trips. As its name suggests, this is a 75+10 liter pack. So the top portion of the pack is able to be expanded up and to give you an extra 10 liters of capacity. So that is a true 85 liters of hauling capability. With a pack this big, Deuter has taken their x-frame suspension system, which is two one inch aluminum stays that form an x pattern behind the back panel here. Those one inch stays are thicker and stronger than any of their other packs. So this isn’t just, you know, a Deuter pack with a bigger capacity. It also has a stronger, more stable suspension system. If we look at the back panel, you have the air contact back system, which provides a lot of cushioning and a lot of air flow behind your back so you don’t overheat. The very quick shoulder harness is going to adjust from a 15 inch torso up to a 21 inch torso. And that is really easy to adjust. If we go down to the hip belt, you do have a pocket on one side of the hip belt and just very comfortable padding throughout the back panel. A unique feature with this pack and something that adds a lot of value is the fact that the top lid is completely removable and this converts into a summit pack. So if you are traveling, if you are backpacking and you just need to go out for the day you can take that off, convert it to a backpack and you are one your way. The pocketing and organization on this pack is super user friendly so you have a lot of pockets, a lot of features and you even have carry options on the outside of the pack if you need to carry gear on the outside. Starting at the bottom there is a large U-shaped zipper for the sleeping bag compartment. And you also have an option to compartmentalize this section by zipping it off and having a separate sleeping bag compartment to the body of the pack. There are also extra long compression straps on the outside to carry a sleeping pad or to even just compress the bottom portion of the pack. And you have two gear loops at the bottom. There are large stretchy side pockets for water bottles as well as a stretchy mesh pocket on the outside of the pack just to get to items that you want to have hands on quickly. There is also a unique feature that allows you to use the side compression straps. You can actually convert them to go all the way over into the front of the pack. And so that just adds a lot of extra storage capabilities. You can put snow shoes or even a snow board. You can use this just to compress the overall size of the pack if it is not packed out completely. This pack is hydration compatible and you do have two trekking pole carry loops on the outside rounding out the many features of this user friendly, heavy hauler pack. It is the Deuter ACT Lite 75+10 pack.


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