Deuter ACT Lite 70+10 SL Video


I am wearing the Deuter ACT Lite 70+10 SL pack. This pack is a heavy hauler designed for the backpacker or traveler in mind that wants to carry a lot of gear and a lot of weight and wants confidence in the suspension system. This pack has lots of carry options, a great organizational pocket design so you can carry all your gear exactly where you want it. And it even comes with a removable summit pack for those shorter trips. So the naming of this pack, the 70+10, refers to the capacity. So this is a true 70 liter pack with an extra 10 liters of capacity. So a big pack like this the suspension system is a great place to start. Deuter utilizes their x-frame suspension system, which means there is two aluminum stays that form an x pattern underneath the back panel. They use a one inch wide aluminum frame. So that is going to be wider and beefier than all of their other packs. So they don’t just take the regular suspension system on their other packs and just make it a bigger capacity, they actually have a better suspension system or a suspension system that is going to be more comfortable with really heavy loads. And this is the SL version which stands for slim line. It is more of a women’s specific pack. And the features on that... you have a shoulder back length, so it is going to adjust from 14 up to a 20 inch torso to accommodate for women. The space between the shoulder straps right here, that is narrower than on their men’s packs. The shoulder straps themselves are more of an S curve and the shoulder straps are narrower. They also have smaller buckles down here than on the men’s packs. And the hip belt is more contoured to fit women’s hips. Now this being a women’s specific pack, if you are a man who has a smaller frame, this is definitely a good consideration if the men’s packs tend to be a little too big. A unique feature about this pack and something that adds a lot of value is the fact that the top lid of this pack actually comes completely off and turns into a summit pack. So, you know, if you are on trips and you want to just go on a shorter day hike or you are traveling and you just want to go out for the day, this actually becomes a backpack. And then you are ready to go on a day trip. The organizational features of this pack are really user friendly for someone who wants to carry gear on the outside of their pack and someone looking for a lot of features. Starting at the bottom, there is a large U shaped opening for the sleeping bag compartment. And there is an option to compartmentalize this section with a zipper that cuts off the bottom portion with the rest of the pack. There are extra long compression straps to carry a sleeping pad or to even just compress the bottom portion of the pack. And there is a gear loop on either side of the bottom of the pack. There are large, stretchy pockets for water bottles on each side as well as a large mesh pocket on the outside just to get to items easily. This is a true top loading pack with a removable lid. There is also a unique feature that allows you to use the compression straps on the side of the pack to be converted into a strap that goes around the front of the pack. These are extra long straps and you can possibly carry snow shoes, even a snow board. You can also just use this to compress the entire pack if it is not packed out completely. This pack is hydration compatible and there are trekking pole carry loops on the outside rounding the many features of this user friendly, heavy hauling pack. The Deuter ACT Lite 70+10 SL.


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