Cocoon MummyLiner Silk Video


The Cocoon MummyLiner in Silk is a great little piece. It weighs in at 4.7 ounces and it adds about 9 degrees in temperature rating to your bag, so just about 9 degrees worth of insulation. It’s a super lightweight piece, as I said 4.7 ounces. And what’s nice about it, you’ve got no zippers on it. It’s a really nice silk fabric. It feels great next to your skin - certainly better than some of the bag lining materials like nylon or a poly is going to feel directly next to skin. So if you’re in hot climates or clammy climates, this is going to add a good deal of comfort to your bag, even if it’s not from an insulation standpoint. The other great thing is this bag liner can be pulled out and easily washed. You can see once you compact it all down, it’s really not going to take up a lot of space in our pack at all. They do come with a stuff sack, a nice small piece. So you can tuck away your MummyLiner or your bag liner. This is the Cocoon MummyLiner in Silk, a great all-around piece.


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