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I am wearing a Boreas Sapa Trek. It is a light weight, well organized travel pack and I am going to show you some of its innovative features. With weight restrictions and the cost of checking luggage, it is important to keep weight to a minimum at this point when you are traveling and Boreas allows you to do that with the Sapa Trek weighing in at just three pounds, seven ounces. It doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice carrying comfort and you don’t have to do that here. I will turn the Sapa Trek around. You will see that there is spacer mesh on the back foam back panel. There is also a PE frame sheet within the pack that gives it a bit more structure and rigidity. You can actually remove that if you choose to and bring the weight down even further, get you well under three pounds. But you will sacrifice a little bit of that carrying comfort if you have got a lot of weight in the pack. It is probably in your best interest to keep that there. You can see the contoured shoulder straps. These are also well cushioned, nice fabrication behind the straps so there is some next to skin comfort there. There is perforation on the padding within those straps which, again, helps to keep weight to a minimum. And you will see that mirrored here on the hip belt as well. So nice padded wrap to the hip belt which helps in carrying weight, provides comfort, but perforation, again, a thought process going on throughout the design of this pack to keep weight to a minimum. Turning the pack back around you can see that nice clean profile. Interesting way of getting into this pack. It does have a top lid and that lid has some storage in it, a zipper up on top. And see a little window into this pocket. That is actually a waterproof pocket, waterproof zipper up on top. Really handy, again for travel. But getting into the pack. Rather than a clip and fold back, it has got this interesting trifold zipper. Allows top to open up. Again, you have that lid there. A little stretch on top where the pack bag opens, again, helps to kind of cinch things in place and then a big long opening here on the front of the pack that throws wide open, gets you into the interior of that pack. Helps with packing it, helps with unpacking it as well. There is compression straps on either side of the pack that helps cinch down the load. Inside the pack there is another compression feature, a little panel that helps to pull things down, keep everything where you want it to be, but that actually removes entirely for use as a toiletry kit, buckles on either side, full adjustability there. And you can take that out and use that when you get to your destination. I have removed the contents of the main pack bag here so we can look at a couple of the other organizational features hiding inside the pack. So you have got a lined elastic sleeve here on the back of the pack or inside the back panel. That does make this hydration system compatible. It is not included, but you certainly can use one with the pack. There is also a hydration hose pass through to let that drinking tube get to the exterior. On one interior panel you have got a deep space for storage behind a zippered mesh pocket. You have got a similar recess on the other side there behind an actual closed, zippered pocket. So some nice organizational features within that main pack bag. A couple of other features to show you here on the Sapa Trek. You do have very large stretch pockets on either side of the pack bag. Again, there is compression straps running over the top of them or can go in behind them, behind if you want quick access to what is here on the outside. Over top of it if you want to just cinch that down and make sure that it is securely in place. Maintaining that clean profile there are some trekking pole loops that will come out if you need them, gear attachment points, again, that are there if you need them, kind of tuck away when they are not in use. And really large, zippered hip belt pockets on this pack. There is even a little framing to that so that you have really nice shape to them. A common complaint on a lot of back pack hip belt pockets is that they are there, but they are not very easy to get in and out of. And that is not the case here on the Sapa Trek. Have a phone here, keys and other essentials on the other side. Just a great feature set on the Sapa Trek. Again, well under four pounds makes it an ideal option for world travel.


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