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We are going to take a look at a really unique backpack offering. The design team and Boreas has introduced in the Bootlegger a three in one backpack. Starting from the foundation of a suspension system that can swap in on each of these three variations, you have got a versatile day pack. You have got a sleek streamlined hydration style or adventure racing pack, also ideal for biking. And you have also got a large submersible dry pack. We will start by looking at the triple tramp suspension system. This does swap in on each of these three pack variations. On its own it can’t do anything, but it is the piece that turns the others into the packs that they are. Spin this to the side here. You can see that we have got an aluminum frame that actually runs the entire outline of the suspension system and you also have connecting that some stainless steel support stays. There is some shaping behind this, some padding as well, contoured and padded shoulder straps as well as on the lumbar portion or the sides of your back, so some streamlined, but nice padding, nice support on this system, some adjustability, load lifter straps here. Spin this again. It is a really, really low profile waist belt, so basically just a web design there, just a little bit of support at the waist. There is a slider here on either side. It lets you fine tune fit a bit. You can see the shaping here at the bottom of the frame and there is also some wings at the top. That is actually where this slots right into place on the back panel of the three pack variations. The first pack variation we will look at is the hopper. This is a 1709 cubic inch day pack. Really nice shaping to this pack, nice design here as is everything with Boreas, just really nice aesthetics on that pack. That jumps out right away. This strapping, it gives it a hint of color and also works as compression for the pack. So regardless of how much you have inside the day pack, you can really cinch it down with those compression straps. Kind of a top loader here. Peel back that face, all kinds of space on the interior of this pack. You do have a lined hydration sleeve inside the pack as well as hydration tube pass through. Some zippered storage here on the top lid you can see some clear paneling here. This is a highly water resistant lid as well which is a nice feature. On the face of the pack there is also some almost hidden pocketing, some stretch fabrication there that tucks underneath. Boreas always careful to maintain a really nice, clean profile. There are gear attachment loops here as well. Again, with that clean profile in mind they tuck away and out of view when you don’t have gear lashed to them. So they aren’t a hindrance in the way or catching on anything else. The second iteration of the Bootlegger is the torpedo. So here we have got a much more stream lined sleek offering that we saw on the hopper. Less storage, about 793 cubic inches. But because of that smaller profile this would be great for active pursuits. Whether that is bike commuting or mountain biking for that matter or even running. Make a great hydration pack offering. It has got a lined sleeve. It has got the exit ports. You need to swap in a reservoir, but it will certainly take just about anything that is out there. Large zippered opening here at the top of the pack and also a small zippered pack for valuables. The third variation of the Bootlegger is the scrimshaw. This is a completely submersible dry pack. So, again, you attach the triple tram suspension. You can carry this on your back. But you have got full protection. It is basically a 30 liter pack here, 1830 cubic inches, somewhere in that range. Fully taped seams, roll top closure and there is some magnets there in that closure that makes that a really easy roll down as well. Whether you are a paddler, again, maybe a bike commuter who has got some heavy loads, but anticipates some weather. This is just a great option. Because of that fairly large interior, it also strikes me as having some rope bag potential. You know, just a really nice third option here when weather protection is important. And there you have it. The Boreas Bootlegger backpack, three great looking, functional packs for the price of one.


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