Black Diamond Women's Trail Shock Poles Video


Black Diamond Women's Trail Shock trekking poles are an excellent balance of price and performance. You've got extended-length grips, shock absorption mechanisms and very durable construction that makes these poles suitable for year-round use. Women's Trail Shock trekking poles have extended-length foam grips, really comfortable ergonomic handle and the extended-length design allows you to grab the pole at varying heights and in the process saves you from having to make frequent micro adjustments on side hill traverses and instances where you might want the pole at slightly varying heights with some frequency. Integrated straps take a lot of the stress off of your wrists. These are fully adjustable and there's a really nice fuzzy interior here that feels very nice against your wrists. At the top of the poles there is a dimpled, ovoid portion of the pole that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, which you'll find from time to time that you'll grab the pole that way out on the trail and that design makes this much more comfortable. Certainly a stand-out feature on the Women's Trail Shock poles is the shock absorption mechanism itself. Black Diamond has embedded that feature in the grip. You can see it here as I press on the grip, you can see it actually give. If you were to drive the poles strongly into the ground, that will really give and take that stress off of your wrists. When you're just placing the poles and not putting too much weight on it, it's very passive and you barely notice it. Really interesting mechanism that does exactly what it's designed to do. Women's Trail Shock poles consist of 3 sections. The lower two sections being adjustable. There are graduated markings on that middle shaft section that show you exactly where you're at. There's a maximum length of 120 centimeters. The FlickLock mechanism couldn't be simpler to use. Close it and you've got a nice secure lock. Open it up and you can move that pole to wherever you need it before locking it back down in place. Low-profile trekking baskets are included with the poles and are ideal for everyday use. There's a threaded design beneath that low-profile basket that allows you to use broader diameter snow baskets and deep powder baskets for winter performance. Those accessories are sold separately.


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