Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Video


We are taking a look at the features of the Black Diamond Storm headlamp. This is an excellent option for back packing, camping, climbing or whatever you can throw at it. And with the batteries included it weighs in just under four ounces, so definitely a back package option if you are trying to save weight, but you want a head lamp that is going to give you a lot of features. With the different settings on this headlamp you have got one quad power LED, that is your distance LED light. You have got two single power LEDs that are on the side. And those are basically going to be your proximity lights. And then you have two single power red LEDs so that is going to be your red light. And I will show you how to switch in between those two. So just to turn it on with the distance LED, the button is right on the top. You just press it once and you have got your distance LED. To switch between distance and proximity you basically turn the headlamp off and turn it on again really fast. So I am going to turn it off and turn it on. So it is just two clicks of the button. And now you have your proximity LEDs. To switch back, I am going to click the button twice and it is going to go back to my distance LED. So switching between the two. Now you do have dimming capabilities with both of these features. So you have your distance LED here. If you hold that in, it is going to go all the way down the bottom, back up to the top. So you can really adjust how bright and how dim you want this distance LED to be. When you get all the way down to the bottom, to the dimmest, it blinks a little bit, goes back up to the top and blinks so you know you are at your minimum and maximum. The red light feature on this headlamp is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. And so from its original setting if you just hit the button and turn it on, it is going to be at your, you know, maximum distance LED. So if you just want to have a red light on for a little bit and you don’t want to use your night vision, you can turn the red light on right from off. Basically what you want to do is just hold the button down until you see the red lights come on. Now if I were to click this really fast, the distance LED will come on and it will kill your night vision. But basically you hold it down for about three seconds to get to your red light. Once it is on the red light setting you can kind of switch between the red light you can dim and even have strobe with the red light. If I want this to strobe, you give it three quick clicks. So now I have got my red light strobing. You can also have the headlight strobe in the proximity setting. So if I am in red mode and I want to change it back over to white light, or if I want to change it to strobe in the white light basically all you have to do is turn it off. So now you are still in red mode, but it is off and you want to hold the button in. So turn it on, there is red and you hold it in for three seconds and it is going... it is back to your distance light. Now if I want it to strobe in white light all I have to do is give another three quick clicks. And then you have your proximity light strobing. In order to use lock mode you basically want to hold a button down for six seconds. Now if you have your head lamp in your back pack or in your pocket and you don’t want it to turn on accidentally, you know, that can really waste your battery. So if you throw it in your backpack and you are hiking all day and it is on all day, you are really going to drain the battery there. So a really great feature is lock mode. Basically from the off position you want to hold the button down for six seconds. And you will notice that a little blue battery indicator light on the side will start to blink. Once you see that blinking it is in lock mode. And you are not able to turn the light on unless you turn lock mode off. So basically what you need to do at that point to turn it back on is hold the button down for another six seconds. The white light will come on and you will be good to go. There is a battery power indicator on the side of the headlamp. If I turn it on now, we have full battery so that indicator is green. And that means you have pretty much full battery and you are good to go. It also has a yellow and a red. So yellow is caution. You are starting to run out of battery and red is it is really low. So it is just a really good option there. You can look at the side and decide how much time you have left before you need to change the batteries. Changing the battery is very simple than what I have seen on some other headlamps. Basically there is a little screw in the back and I can open that with my nail. You could use, you know, a little coin or something like that. But you don’t need an additional tool in order to open that housing. Again, it is a waterproof housing, so your batteries should be safe in there. And basically you unscrew the back. You are able to flip it open and it will display your four triple A batteries inside. There is a very comfortable stretchy strap and it works well if you are just wearing it on your head, also if you have a hat or a helmet on. And it adjusts to be pretty big. I have it on the biggest setting right now and definitely if you are wearing a bike helmet or a climbing helmet or if you are caving, you can definitely stretch that around a helmet, no problem, without worrying that you are going to really stretch this out. If you are back packing or hiking, you are not wearing a helmet, you can certainly adjust that down. It is super easy to adjust and then you can position it on your head in the proper adjustment point. The other cool think about the strap is you can definitely attach this to a back pack or, you know, if you are biking attach it to the back of your back pack or even on a sternum strap or something like that on your back pack. And so, you know, there is definitely a lot of ways to use the included strap. You also have adjustability with the beam. And so this is just straight on, but there is a hinge here that you can adjust it down or up depending on which direction you want that. So once it is on your head you can really just, you know, really easy adjustment point down and up. Some more of the detailed specifications. On certain settings you have up to 125 hours of battery life. So there is four triple A batteries included and on the highest setting you are getting up to 160 lumens, which is very bright, you know, for such a small headlamp. All in all with all the features, the easy to use settings and the different types of lights that you can use on this headlamp, it is definitely a go to option for backpacking, hiking or whatever else you can throw at it. It is the Storm headlamp by Black Diamond.


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