Black Diamond Guide Glove Video


The Guide Glove from Black Diamond is a two-part glove and it’s actually Black Diamond’s warmest glove. The first part of the glove is the shell; it’s the outer part you’re seeing here. It has a super burley shell that’s built up with Goatskin leather in both the pal and the back of the hand. You do have built up padding on the knuckles of the glove and across the back of the hand. This is going to protect your hand is your skiing out of bounds, any impacts to the back of the hand or knuckle area, it will certainly keep you nice and safe and comfortable. The palm of the glove has some great reinforcement in areas that matter, especially between the fingers here where you’d be gripping a ski pole. Through the back there a waterproof nylon and you’ve also got a single pull gauntlet to cinch this generous cuff over the top of your jacket. The liner for the Guide Glove gets it warmth from a combination of materials. On the top side of the glove you have boiled wool that sit on the back of the hand and gives a lot of nice warmth. Then on the palm of the hand and the inside of the fingers you’ve got a combination of fleece and PrimaLoft One, which is a synthetic insulation which mimics the loft of down.


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