Black Diamond Bbee Day Pack Video


The Black Diamond Bbee is a small pack with a simple design, making it perfect for day hikes, short climbing routes, airplane travel or just around town. The Bbee features a comfortable set of lightweight shoulder straps, a sternum strap with a safety whistle and a lightweight waist belt. The simple design of the Bbee pack, you can see is a nice lightweight face fabric that’s very durable and there’s a small clip here for a bike light. Black Diamond uses a nice, durable zipper you can open up. There is enough room in here for me to store a piece of lightweight insulation. You have a single storage pocket inside with a key clip which is great for storing small items. The rest of the pack space is one, large sleeve, and the Bbee can be set up to take a hydration pack. There is a slot in the back for it and you’ll see there are slits inside the top of the pack so you could get a hydration hose out each side. The back of the pack is made out of a very lightweight, soft flexible mesh which is very breathable. The shoulder straps are also lined with this material making it very comfortable to wear, especially in hot weather. A lightweight, streamlined design makes this pack perfect for a day hike and it’s easy to carry lightweight loads.


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