Black Diamond Alpine Ergo Cork Trekking Poles


I have the Black Diamond Alpine Ergo Cork trekking poles here. This is a pole that falls into Black Diamond’s Alpine or Mountain series, so it is going to be suitable for anybody that is doing backpacking and hiking, looking for a trekking pole for those purposes. It will also work for someone that is going to engage in lightweight mountaineering. So let’s take a look at some of the features and build on this pole. We will just start at the top and move down. You can see at the top here you have got their ergonomic grip here. And it is a cork grip so cork is very absorbent material. It is very comfortable especially if your hands are sweating and it is fairly durable. You have got a nice rubbered sticky palm top here for palming they pole so you get some good grip. And the ergo part here, as you can see how the hand grip here is at a slight angle compared to the rest of the pole. This allows for a lot of like reduced stress on the wrist as well as just general comfort. You do have some adjustability in the wrist strap here. I have got them snugged in all the way. And it is a 360 degree action. So it is really easy to rotate the wrists around if you were to plant the pole and pivot in any direction with your hand you could easily do that without that grip inhibiting you. And the inside of that has got a nice soft wicking mesh material. So it is going to work well in hot or cold weather. So you can see under that cork grip you do have your extended foam grip. It gives you an option to grasp the pole a little bit further down shaft if you need to. And that brings us to the top shaft of this pole. It is adjustable and you have got three sections. The top shaft of this pole is made from aluminum and the bottom shaft is made from carbon fiber. What that does is it gives you all of the wonderful strength and rigidity of the aluminum shaft with the light weight of the carbon fiber in the bottom half of the pole, but also helps make this pole a little bit more affordable versus a fully carbon pole. So the adjustments on the shafts are made with Black Diamond’s flick lock system. That is the little guy you see right there. It is all metal design now. Really easy to open up with the thumb. And you can see on the pole here they have given your graduated markings, pull slides in and out easily. You can adjust it to where you need it to be. For example, I know that I like to have the top shaft of my pole at 120 centimeters. So I find 120, mark it there, easily close this over. We move down the shaft further you get to the other adjustment point with the flick lock. And Black Diamond has also put markings here. A lot of times on the lower shafts there aren’t markings, but this is a nice set up because you can get them both spot on. I also like mine to be a 105 here. Close that over. You can see easy it is to do just with the thumb and then the hand means it is really easy to operate while you have a glove or a mitten on as well as with your bare hands. So there is your two adjustment points. And then on the bottom of the pole here you can see you have got your tip which kind of counts as this whole section here. You see it comes with a light weight summer trekking basket on it. It is an option to put a snow basket on if you are going to be using them in snowy or cold conditions. That would be something you would need to buy separately. And then at the bottom here you have got your carbide tip and this design from Black Diamond now, these tips are removable and you can swap on a rubber tip if you want or you can replace this tip. However, you do need to buy those pieces separately. They do not come with the pole. So key features to this pole are going to be that ergonomic cork grip as well as the alumi-num shaft and the carbon fiber shaft that are going to give you that great balance of eve-rything you want in a light weight, {?} supportive trekking pole. It is the Black Diamond Alpine Ergo Cork.


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