Black Diamond Access LT Hybrid Hoody Video


I am wearing the Black Diamond Access LT hybrid hoody. This jacket is a mix of fabri-cation that offers warmth, but also a broad range of motion for numerous back country activities, back packing, climbing, even skiing. The hybrid hoody certainly brings in a mix of fabrications. You can see here on the arms, also on the body of the jacket it is a light weight 20 D Pertex, rip stop fabric. Definitely keeps the weight down on the jacket. It also houses beneath it Premaloft one synthetic insulation, so a premium insulation, not a lot of it, but just a little bit in the core areas to give you warmth. Other portions of the jacket you are not worried so much about insula-tion. You want that range of motion and that is where you can see on the side panels, un-derneath the sleeves you have got a stretch woven shoulder fabrication there. Nice abra-sion resistance, again, that key really lets you move inside this jacket. A bit of elasticity here at the sleeves across the top there. It gives it a nice fit, a nice com-fortable not really in the way at all, but keeps those sleeves from riding up on you, also a hood on the jacket. And that hood is insulated, so another nice touch of warmth there at the head around the side of the face. It is a pretty sizable hood. Would be considered certainly helmet compatible, but has points of adjustability in the back and also here at the neck that allows you to draw that in and have a comfortable fit even if you aren’t wearing a helmet. Definitely a stream lined, athletic fit to the jacket as you can see. Something I don’t think you would wear over top of much. So light weight base layers, sure, but nothing much heavier than that. It is designed in such a way that you can definitely wear heavier layers over top of it if cold temperatures call for that. Here is another point of adjustability here on the hem. I should point that out, single pull closure that cinches in the jacket and enables you to really dial in the fit. In keeping with the minimalist design of this jacket, you have only got a single pocket. It is here high on the chest, kind of a Napoleon style pocket. The real key to that pocket is that it doubles as a stuff sack for the jacket. You can stuff it inside, flip it inside out and you have got a real small pack size that lashes easily to a pack or even to a climbing har-ness. Here is the jacket stuffed inside that Napoleon style chest pocket. You can see the back side of that double sided zipper. There are a couple of loops here so you could lash this to the outside of a pack or directly to a climbing harness. At the size and weight here, also just stows neatly here inside most any backpack. The Black Diamond Access LT hybrid hoody. You have got that great mix of fabrication. You have got that touch of warmth, nice range of motion, wind resistance, water re-sistance. It really makes it just an ideal layering piece for hiking, back packing, climbing or even skiing.


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