Big Agnes Slater UL 3+ Tent Video


We are taking a look at the Big Agnes Slater UL 3+ tent. Definitely a backpacking style tent and a weight that comes in under five pounds. But this enormous front vestibule be-hind me gives it external storage space that far surpasses the average back packing tent. We pulled the fly off of the tent, rolled open the door so we can kind of get a better look at the interior of the tent itself. As far as dimensions are concerned, 96 inches long, 74 inches wide. We have got a 42 inch peak height there in the center of the tent. It is 47 to-tal square feet. It is a backpacking style tent. It is certainly still trying to maintain a low weight. So you put three in here, you are going to be snug, but you will fit. Should you se the Slater as a two person tent, you will find it to be extremely room. Dac feather light NSL poles on the tent. It looks like there is a lot of poles in play here. It is actually a hub pole system, so this is a single pole system. There is a secondary pole in play on that front vestibule, but what you are looking at here is just a single pole system. Definitely some ultra light weight fabrication in play here. You have got a silicone treat-ed nylon rip stop 4N fly. So you have got nice weather protection. There is a 1200 milli-meter PU coating that bolsters that weather performance as well, certainly taped seams throughout the tent itself. A lot of mesh, however, so you do get some good breathabil-ity on this tent as well. So whether it is three seasons or even stretching that a little bit, the Slater is a nice build for that type of usage. There are a number of mesh pocketing options inside the tent to get gear off the floor and out of your way so you maximize that space and livability. Separately there is a foot print available for this tent which basically gives you a secondary layer of protection beneath the tent where it has the most wear and tear. Definitely a worthwhile consideration. You can pitch this tent with just the poles that ground cloth or footprint, if you have purchase that, and the rain fly to really have an ultra light weight option. So you have got that great livability inside the tent, all kinds of room for up to three sleepers. But you have also got external storage space. You have got two vestibules on this tent. On the side door you have got a smaller vestibule, nine square feet. That is still pretty comparable to a lot of backpacking tents, but here at the front door you have got this expansive 23 square feet of storage space beneath this larger vestibule. There is a second of pole here on the outside that gives that structure and shapes that. you can put so much gear in here. Certainly three backpacks, no problem. If you are on a pad-dling trip you can get life vests, you could bet paddles, you could get all kinds of stuff under here. You could sneak a bike under here if you were bicycle touring and I can’t help but imagine if you are someone who hikes backpacks with your dog it should be a great dog house here on the outside. You wouldn’t have to bring your pooch inside, but you could zipper that vestibule door closed and still know that you have got your furry friend close at hand. Big Agnes includes a stuff sack with each Slater UL 3+ tent, 20 inches long by six inches wide. Again, the tent comes in under five pounds. So you have got a three season option that is excellent for backpackers, paddlers, with bicyclists, really for anyone that has got a lot of gear that they need to store outside the tent. Slater is an ideal option.


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