Big Agnes Encampment 15 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


This is the Big Agnes Encampment 15 degree sleeping bag. You have got a semi rectan-gular cut, nice roomy cut up top, but a light weight compressible synthetic fill and a weight saving design that marries the sleeping bag to the sleeping pad, making it an ideal option for three season backpacking and camping. Taking a look at the fabrics and the materials of the Encampment, you have got a nylon rip stop shell fabric here so light weight, but also durable. You have got a taffeta lining on the interior which feels a lot better next to skin, so more comfort there. You can see verti-cal baffling on this sleeping bag, a little different than a traditional horizontal baffles. Big Agnes is using that in such a way it really is keeping the insulation from migrating. It stays put so you don’t really have any dead spots in the bag because of that. Definitely a nice design feature there. You have got an insulated draft tube in behind the zipper so that keeps cold air from sneaking in. Also kind of a yoke here at the neck, fully insulated hood as well. The integrity synthetic insulation that is in this bat is lightweight and compressible for synthetic. Down, everyone knows down is more compressible and lighter in weight, but it loses the ability to keep you warm should it become weight. You don’t have that same concern here with the synthetic, which makes this more of a confident, all condition year round option. The Encampment is one of Big Agnes’ sleep system bags. I am going to talk this over and I am going to talk a little bit more about that means. Different from most traditional sleeping bags, there is no insulation on the bottom of the Encampment, definitely a pecu-liarity. But it is ... there is a couple of different reasons for it. One is certainly weight sav-ings. Most folks who are going out backpacking are taking a sleeping pad. That sleeping pad in most cases serves really as the insulation underneath the bag because you are com-pressing whatever is beneath you. Big Agnes says: Let’s get that weight out of the pic-ture. Let’s integrate a sleeve that makes sure that that pad is underneath you all night long. That saves weight. It also ensures that the pad is underneath you so there is comfort savings there, but it also guarantees that thermal efficiency of required of the pad. If it could move or shift on you during the night you are not going to have the warmth you need. You can see it is a full length pad so that I have got a Big Agnes pad inside this bag. You can use other branded pads, as well. You just need to make sure that you are marry-ing the right pad to the bag. This is a regular length bag, so it fits up to 5’10”. I should also mention that the Encampment is available in a long which will fit all the way up to six foot six. It is the width, 20 inches in this case, that is most important. If you have got a wider pad it is not going to fit in here. And so be conscious of the dimensions required there. The other thing to keep in mind is this is a 15 degree bag. It is going to need a pad beneath it that is warm enough to make it be a 15 degree bag. There is a potential short coming of this system. Marry it to a pad that is not warm enough, you don’t actually have a 15 degree bag. So be mindful of that. Marry it to the right pad and you have got a really nice, comfortable, warm option in the Encampment. Just a couple of other features to point out on the Encampment. You do have a nice 70 inch long zipper here on the bag. It carries through almost to the foot of the bag as a two way zipper. It won’t fold open like a blanket or a comforter, but that full length does give you some really nice venting options. So an integrated pillow pocket on the interior of the bag. So Big Agnes sells a variety of different pillows. They are sold separately. But in-flatable pillows that could be placed in there, again. Other branded pillows would work or just layers, you know, put your down jacket and, you know, some base layers in there, too, for a more comfortable headrest. Do want to kind of call out the shaping here to the hood as well. You have almost a bit of a brim here. Definitely ergonomically a nice comfortable positioning for your head to keep you warm. And that can be cinched down, too, to really seal in more. Big Agnes does include a stuff sack with each Encampment. They also throw in a mesh storage sack. And that is not unimportant. Whether it is the Encampment or any sleeping bag, you really do not want to store it long term in its compressed state. You will cut into the lifespan of that bag. So you can store it in a sack like this or you can hang it in a clos-et. You are really going to extend the life of that sleeping bag. It is a synthetic bag. You can see still fairly sizable even though the regular only comes in a three pound seven with the long at three pounds 12. This isn’t a compression sack by any means. So you can get this bag down to a smaller state by using separately a compres-sion sack. Big Agnes does sell its girdle compression straps. They are sold separately, but you can get this down a lot further to put it inside your pack, take up less space. Encampment really smart three season option with that synthetic fill, that roomy cut, that sleep system design that we talked about. Really has become a favorite over the years for backpacking.


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