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Big Agnes Double Z

Big Agnes Double Z


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This is the award winning, Big Agnes Double Z sleeping pad. It is an inflatable pad, in-credibly light weight, comfortable, with a four inch thick base, but packed down really, really small making a great option for warm weather backpacking. The Double Z is an inflatable sleeping pad, so you do have to blow it up. But that also is what enables it to pack down so small, eight and a half inches long by four and a half inches wide in a rolled pack size for this, the regular pad, which is 72 inches long, 20 inches wide. It does have a tapered cut which helps with some weight savings, too. This weighs 16 ounces, a single pound. You can see how thick it is. It has got what Big Agnes is calling a stabilizer construction. You can see how this is al-most a pocked design here. Super comfortable to sleep on, especially compared to more traditional cool rafty inflatable pads that are just vertical tubes of air. It is not an insulated pad, so it is a hollow pad. The R value is just 1.5 here. I referenced it earlier for warm weather back packing. If you were going to be using it in colder temperatures you defi-nitely need to combine it with a close cell foam pad or something else to get the warmth you need. But for summer, warmer temperatures, the pad is really ideal. And there is a dual design to this valve that is unlike anything I have seen on another backpacking pad, certainly one as lightweight as the Double Z. So you have kind of an upper cap which gets you to where you would actually blow up the pad or blow into it. It is a one way valve so instead of blowing and pinching and, you know, knocking yourself out while you are trying to blow it up, you really can take the time that you need. None of that air is going to escape as you are blowing it up. However, when you are ready, then, to deflate this pad there is a second setting here and, as you can hear, the air rushes out of this pad. So on some pads you really almost have to fight an struggle to deflate them and roll them back up, but the Double Z almost does all the work for you. Certainly you do need to roll it, get some of that air out. But that design goes a long way to getting you up and moving in the morning when you are done sleeping for the night. Big Agnes does include a stuff sack with each Double Z pad. It also includes a small field repair kit that is tucked in the very bottom of the storage sack here actually beneath the pad itself. As I mentioned I have got that regular length Double Z here, eight and a half inches, four and a half inches wide, one single pound, 16 ounces. It is easy to imagine that the Big Agnes Double Z is going to find its way into many a backpack, certainly for warm weather back packing trips.


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