Big Agnes Women's Sleeping Bags Video


Within the Classic Series of Big Agnes sleep systems we do bag specific for women as well. What makes them unique to women is that we do offer a shorter length. In addition with a traditional 20 inch wide pad we have a petit size that will take a 20 by 66 inch pad. Big Agnes makes a custom pad for this bag but that does not mean that you have to go buy the custom pad. Simply leaving the last few inches of your 20 by 72 inch pad out of the top of the bag works just fine and the system will function just fine and you are good to go with the pad you already have. If you want a more compact packing system, certainly look at the 20 by 66 inch offering. The Regular women’s bags take the 20 x 72 inch pad that is the most common size pad on the market. So in addition to offering two lengths in women’s bags, we also add an extra two inches of girth at the hips so that we can offer the same amount of space as we do for men in the men’s series. Then we also add extra insulation strategically placed in the foot and torso region where sometimes it is more difficult to keep the extremities warm.


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