Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core Sleeping Pad Video


Today we are looking at the Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core sleeping pad. This is an inflatable sleeping pad that has a layer of synthetic insulation below the surface, which makes it incredibly warm for an inflatable pad. The quilted construction that you see here is what gives it the “Q” in the name and makes it a really comfortable option for an inflatable sleeping pad. The inflatable design of the Q-Core makes it suitable for backpacking in warmer weather basically all year round. In addition to that compact inflatable design, you’ve got pretty sprawling dimensions for a sleeping pad, particularly the depth on this pad. A full 3 ½ inch thickness is a deep base for a night of sleep on an inflatable pad. You can see that the outside rails are a little bit larger than the internal rails and it ends up working like a berm that really keeps you comfortably centered on the pad throughout the night. Beneath the surface is synthetic insulation, which again bolsters the warmth of this pad and gives it an R value of 5.0 which is more than suitable for four season usage. As an inflatable pad, it does require that you manually blow it up. Inflation is pretty easy with the integrated valve here at the corner. Just unscrew it, and then turn that valve to lock it in. When you lay on the pad itself, the placement of that valve makes it really easy to simply reach over your shoulder and let a little air out to sink into the pad and fine tune your comfort. Then you are all set. Each Q-Core sleeping pad does come with its own mesh stuff sack and that stuff sack has a little pocket inside that holds the repair kit, should you need it. Big Agnes does advise that store your pad with the valve open and the pad unrolled. That will help to extend the longevity of the pad.


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