Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SL Sleeping Pad Video


Another innovative offering from Big Agnes, the insulated Q-Core SL effectively balanc-es both weight and performance. It is a full three and a half inches in thickness. The quilted design makes it ultra comfortable. It packs down super small and weighs next to nothing. So it is a luxurious, but also packable option for backpacking and camping. The quilted construction that gives this pad its name also makes it more stable, more comfortable than traditional inflatable sleeping pads that just have vertical baffles. Give it a little bit of a pool raft feeling. It is almost as through you are sitting up on top of it in-stead of sinking down into it which makes this feel a lot more comfortable. Inside the pad Big Agnes has lined the pad with ecstatic synthetic insulation. So it also makes it warmer than the average inflatable sleeping pad. Three season usage, but a warm pad for three season usage. It is inflatable so you do need to blow up the pad. There is an integrated nozzle here at the corner. Because of that quilted design, it actually blows up faster than I have found with most traditional inflatable sleeping pads. So kind of multiple payoffs with that quilted design. We are looking at the regular length or size of the insulated Q-Core SL, so 20 inches wide by 72 inches in length. It does come in a variety of different lengths and widths. It also comes in rectangular sizing and mummy sizing or shaping. Again, mummy shaping would help you reduce weight and pack size a little bit and potentially a better fit for some of Big Agnes’ system sleeping bags in which the pad actually slides inside the integrated sleeve on those sleeping bags. Another thing to mention, the outer rails or beams not this pad are actually a little taller than the inner portion of the pad so it kind of helps to keep you centered on the pad and a bit more comfortable throughout the night so you don’t find yourself actually coming off of the pad. Fabrication or shell fabrication on the pad is a durable rip stop nylon, certainly a light weight version of that to keep that packed weight to a minimum, but also surprisingly du-rable as well. Inside there is a PU coating that helps to protect the pad and give it greater longevity. As with any pad, Big Agnes does suggest that you store it with the valve open and, if possible, in an uncompressed state. Each insulated Q-Core SL comes with its own mesh stuff sack. There is also a field repair kit included inside that stuff sack. You can see that compact rolled size. It weighs next to nothing. Perfect for three season backpacking.


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