Big Agnes Helinox Camp Chair Video


We’re going to take a look at the Big Agnes Helinox Camp Chair. Extremely light weight and collapsible camp chair. Obviously perfect for any kind of camping trips, festivals, outings. For me it is even light weight and comfortable enough once it is put up to consider taking along in some back packing trips. The Helinox chair comes in its own zippered storage sac. Pull the actual sitting portion out first and then the framework of the chair. These are light weight but durable dark aluminum poles. It utilizes a really unique hub pole design that mirrors some of the hub poles used in tent construction where that is probably most famous. You have got some feet here at the bottom and then connection points for the chair itself on the back of the chair. Just basically little pockets that slide over those connection points couldn't be much simpler to put this together. The alluvium bends just enough so that the chair is nicely tensioned and just like that you have got a really comfortable little chair camping trips, for the back yard for festivals, sporting events. Again it's just two pounds, actually a little under two pounds in a fairly compact pack size. I'll take this on a back packing trip, and just a great little chair from Big Agnes Helinox Camp Chair.


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