Big Agnes Fishhook UL 2 Backpacking Tent Video


This is the Big Agnes Fishhook UL 2, yet another innovative tent offering from Big Ag-nes. And this one is different than anything else we have seen. It is a zipperless tent. So you reduce the bulk, you reduce the noise of zippers and actually reduce what can be a warranty failure point on tents. Don't want to scare you that zippers suddenly are the downfall of tents, but it is a place that from time to time does need some repair and the Fishhook UL 2 jumps right past that. We are going not take the fly off of the tent. We will take a closer look at what makes it so unique. When we first learned that Big Agnes was producing a zipperless tent, our question would be how to actually secure it in such a way that bugs wouldn’t be of issue and just that you would have a secure closure. The way Big Agnes has pulled that off is with pat-terning. So you have got some overlapping fabrication. And instead of zipper connection points you actually have clips, somewhat similar to what you would find in attaching a tent body to tent poles. I will pull the door here and you can see a little more of what I am talking about. So you can see that the door actually extends beyond the body panel and has integrated clips that run to the corner points. There is toggling here on the interior of the tent itself and toggling both inside and outside of the tent as well to secure the door in place. The zipperless design carries over into the rain fly. Patterning overlays, again, are utilized to give you a secure closure without the need for those zippers. So at the corner point of the door there is a buckle that will connect behind the buckle you are seeing currently on the outside of the rain fly. And then there are also two clips similar to the clips that have ... attach the fly to the tent body at other points on the tent. And that will secure this door in place. It is a streamlined, nine square foot vestibule. So you have got weather protection and you have also got a place to get packs, boots and other gear out of the elements without having to take up space inside the tent itself. In addition to the unique closure system on the door, you really have a spacious and light weight back packing option, 93 inches in length, 57 inches in width. It is really roomy as two person tent. At three pounds, three ounces of trail weight it is light weight and pack-able enough that you could even carry it as a super spacious solo shelter. You can see that there are ... there is a hub pole system running to either corner point, but also a brow pole which broadens the roof area of the tent or the ceiling of the tent and increases the verti-cality of the walls. So you have got a lot of elbow room, not just space here at the floor, but also overhead. Thirty-eight inch peak height so plenty roomy inside the tent. Mesh construction at the top of the tent body so excellent ventilation, again, keeping weight to a minimum as well. Lots of pocketing inside this tent which also frees up space at the floor and makes this that much more livable. Pockets on each corner of the tent overhead. There are one, two, three four mesh pockets. There is also connection points for a Big Agnes gear loft which is sold separately. So just an excellent array of features inside this tent to go along with the zipperless innovation and the light weight packability of this tent. I think they have got another winner on their hands for three season backpacking.


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