Big Agnes Big Creek 30 Degree Double Wide Bag


For back packing and camping, couples who prefer to sleep together Big Agnes makes a series of double wide sleeping bags. We are looking at the Big Creek 30 degree sleeping bag. This is a synthetic filled bag, SL-90-90 synthetic fill. Compressible synthetic fill that still functions well even if it gets wet, which makes it a little bit different from lighter weight down insulation. At 30 degrees this is probably a mild to warm weather sleeping bag. It is obviously large enough for two, but it actually does pack down and compress small enough that it can be used for back packing, certainly perfect for camping. There is a full length zipper on either side of the Big Creek so each person has access to the bag. Individual neck yokes here on either side which helps to seal in warmth. There are dual integrated pillow pockets which also kind of serve as pillow cases. You can bring your own pillow from home. You can put layers of clothes and things inside that to have a nice place to rest your head. There is a fully insulated hood and for instances where it does get a little cold, there is a panel that pulls out from the face of the bag, velcros here in place, kind of make dual hoods. It just cuts the cold air and makes the bag that much warmer. We have flipped the Big Creek over to show you one of the things that makes this bag and Big Agnes sleep system bags so unique. These bags are actually uninsulated on the bottom. Big Agnes assumes that you are going to be sleeping on a sleeping pad and be-cause of that the sleeping pad can provide the insulation that would be on the bag itself in a more traditional sleeping bag. So there are integrated sleeves, two of them in the case of the Big Creek, that actually secure a pad beneath you. This, again, provides warmth. It also ensures that your pad stays beneath you while you sleep at night which is different than something you may have experienced in a traditional bag which often times can slip and slide off of the pad. This, again, better insures a comfortable night sleep. It is a full length sleeve in both ... on both sides of the Big Creek that, again, fully keeps the pad in place. Inflate the pad, slide it into place, pull the flap over the top and allow the valve to peak through and Velcro that securely in place. It actually allows each user to decide which pad they like beneath them so long as they are of the appropriate dimen-sion. These sleeves will accommodate 20 inch wide pads which is basically a standard width on most sleeping pads. Bit Agnes makes a wide variety of sleeping pads. You can also use a different branded pads so long as that is of the same size. Keep in mind that in order for the Big Creek to be a 30 degree sleeping bag, you do need to use a sleeping pad that is of an appropriate matched temperature rating. Sleeping pads are sold separately. A cotton storage sack is included. When you are storing the Big Creek or any sleeping bag, you do not want to store it in a compressed state. It makes this storage sack perfect. There is also a stuff sack included with the bag. When you are camping and when you are back packing, you can stow the Big Creek inside of that. This measures nine by 20. If you want to compress it further you can use some other compression sack, obviously sold separately or the Big Agnes girdle system—again sold separately—which will compress this down to nine inches by 10 inches which makes the Big Creek suitable for backpacking.


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