Big Agnes Bellyache Mountain SL 15 Bag Video


We are going to take a closer look at the Big Agnes Bellyache Mountain SL 15 degree sleeping bag. For years Big Agnes has been making sleep system bags, unique bags that are uninsulated on the bottom. They have got an integrated sleeve designed to mesh the bag to a sleeping pad and, in turn, deliver the warmth that is missing from that insulation on the bottom. They have decided recently to introduce more traditional sleeping bags, insulated the whole way around. Being Big Agnes, they have put some technology into these bags in-cluding the Bellyache Mountain to make them very innovative traditional sleeping bags. The first thing to talk about on this bag is its very unique insulation. It is a 700 fill pow-ered down. It is actually down tech insulation. It is a ... has a water repellent treatment. So unlike traditional or untreated down, it retains its ability to keep you warm even it should become warm. That has long been the down fall of down insulation. So it is just as compressible, just as lightweight as you have come to expect from down insulation, but doesn’t have those same pitfalls or trade offs in choosing down over synthetic insulation. Another unique aspect of the Bellyache Mountain sleeping bag is its into tech low con-struction. You will see there are vertical baffles not is sleeping bag. What you can’t see inside those baffles is that there are actually gates built into those baffles to ensure that insulation stays properly distributed throughout the bag. So rather than having down or whatever insulation would be in a given bag migrating to points in the bag and opening up some cold spots or dead spots in the bag, you can rest assured that you have got con-sistent warmth throughout the bag. A couple of other features that enable the Bellyache Mountain to live up to its 15 degree temperature rating have a fully insulated and contoured hood. There is an easy pull cinch down that snugs the hood around your head to keep you warm. You can see insulated baffling here and also at the neck. That, again, keeps cold air from getting into the interi-or of the bag. You have got snag free zippers running almost the entire length of the bag. Behind the zipper is a no draft baffle. Again, make sure cold air does not get into the interior of the bag. Mummy shaping to the bag so some contouring that helps with ther-mal efficiency but then some ergonomic shaping to the foot box so that you feet remain comfortable inside the bag. We are looking at the regular length of the Bellyache Mountain SL 15 degree, fits to six foot. It also comes in a long which fits to six foot six and an extra long which will fit all the way up to six foot 10 inches. Each of these bags comes with its own stuff sack as well as a mesh storage sack. Always want to store your sleeping bags in a non compressed state if you are able to. That will extend the life of the bag and keep the loft in that insulation. Again, the Bellyache Mountain SL 15 degree, an innovative, though “traditional” offer-ing from Big Agnes.


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