Asolo Flame GTX Hiking Boot Video


I have got the Asolo Flame GTX men’s hiking boot. And this is categorized as a hiking boot in Asolo’s line, however I can see it as being a great crossover piece for hiking and backpacking if you have got lighter loads. This is, you know, a pretty light weight boot compared to some of their back packing and mountaineering boots and, all in all, just a really great piece. The upper is made with a very high density, very durable nylon and the bottom part is a very durable suede. And so you have those two fabrics working together. You have a full gortex waterproof breathable sock liner and the tongue of the boot actually goes all the way up to the top. So you do have that full coverage water proofing. When talking about the sole I want to go first to the heel of the boot. You have got a couple of different materials going on. This black piece right here is a really high density TPU element. So that is going to cut the heel really well and give you a lot of rigid support. This yellow piece right here is a little bit less rigid and that is going to lower fatigue. It is going to give you a little bit more cushion and then the rest of the sole is, you know, just a basic EVA mid sole. So that is going to, you know, also offer a lot of cushion. If I turn the boot to the bottom you do see this is just called the iso break. Right on the heel there that is going to help when you are descending, you know, going down hill. It is just going to give you a lot of traction on the trail. The inside of the cup is made with an extremely comfortable material which actually gives a little bit of stretch and a lot of comfort around the ankle. There is also an asymmetrical design in the cuff and the tongue and the lacing of the boots. You can see an extremely durable toe kick here that protects your toes and gives a lot of durability to the boot. And, last, the metal hardware gives an extremely attractive look rounding out this beautifully designed Asolo hiking boot.


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