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Alite Designs Mantis Chair

Alite Designs Mantis Chair


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I am sitting in the Alite Designs Mantis chair. This light weight collapsible chair packs down small enough you could consider it for backpacking use, but it is certainly comfortable and stable enough for backyards, for festivals, for taking it to the beach. The Mantis chair borrows its design features from collapsible tent poles. So you have got aluminum construction on the legs. It is worth noting that there are four legs, four feet at the base of this chair which is what makes it so stable. It looks like there is a number of poles in play, but it is really just a single hubbed pole system that collapses in on itself. Makes this very packable. And while you open it, it looks a little complex, everything actually slots very easily into place. And then the sling, what I am actually sitting in stretches or extends over that framework with some color coding, pops easily into place, goes up quickly, goes up easily and at 1.6 pounds the Mantis chair can support up to 250 pounds in weight. There is a stuff sack included with each Mantis chair. You can see that 17 and a half by five inch pack size. Basic instructions printed on the back of that stuff sack. Really is at a size and weight that this could be considered for backpacking use in terms of throwing it in a bag, taking it to the beach, to festivals in the trunk of the car or even backyard use. It really is ideal. Got to love this, the Alite Designs Mantis chair.


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