adidas Outdoor Women's Terrex Fast R Shoe Video


We are taking a look at the Women’s Terrex Fast R Multi-Sport shoe. This is a shoe that could be used for trail running. It could be used for any sort of outdoor sports. It has got excellent traction, really good fit and a lot of good control. So the key story on this shoe is going to be adidas’ four motion technology. This is basi-cally the overall design and fit of the shoe. It has been worked into all the materials as well as the last of the shoe to give really good fit, a lot of support where you need it, but still offer movement and comfort in the places you need that as well. So the upper of this shoe is going to be comprised of a variety of different materials. It is going to work in conjunction with that four motion control. And you can see you get a nice unique lacing system here. This is kind of a fast lace bungee system where you can make a quick adjustment here with the cord lock and there is a little band of fabric here to kind of lock that lace underneath so it is not flapping around and getting in the way. The tongue on the Terrex Fast R is a kind of a unique design as well. The top part portion of the tongue here is a thermal molded material so it is fairly stiff, but it is shaped to match up with your foot and there is some movement inside the shoe here. So it should be comfortable and work really well with the asymmetry of your foot. So a lot of this con-trol design is going to come into the concept here in the underfoot package in the shoe. adidas uses adidapreme plus here in the forefoot. It offers really good propulsion and ef-ficiency for movement. You have got that mid sole layer through here so you are going to get the comfort as well as the support that you need, good rigidity that moves up here into the shoe and wraps around the heel. Underneath you are going to find their traction out sole and this is designed by continen-tal rubber. It is super grippy with a great lug pattern that is going to give you good trac-tion on a wide variety of terrains. But the real story is going to come in here with this hinge heel design. You can see that this part of the heel is not connected to the rest of the shoe except for through that out sole design. It goes all the way around the back. It is a totally separate piece connected to the out sole, so on down hills or any sort of movement where you have got that heel plant coming down, this separate kind of floating heel back here, that hinged heel is going to absorb that impact. It makes it really easy to control the foot, control your weight and get great balance on down hills. The inside of this shoe has adidas’ ortholite insole. This insole is designed to offer really nice micro climate inside the shoe and will have a fast start to be water resistant. It is not a water proof shoe so should you get water in there, this insole isn’t going to absorb that and give you a squishy toe syndrome the whole time you are wearing the shoe.


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