adidas Outdoor Terrex Fast R Multi-Sport Shoe


We are taking a look at the adidas Outdoor Terrex Fast R. This is a shoe that is really well suited to all sorts of multi sport outdoor activities. It might be a little stiff on your foot to be a trail runner, but you could go trail running in it. You could go mountain biking in it. You could hiking in it. You could to through hiking. I mean it is really an all around shoe that is really well built. We have got good design here, good quality and good fit. Let’s take a look at some of those features. The key story behind this shoe is going to be about control. adidas has used their four motion control in the design of this shoe. And what that means is that they have thought through every portion of the shoe, the upper, the materials being used and where they are placed on the shoe to give you the best fit with the best support in the places you need it with the freedom of movement in the places that you need that as well. The upper in this shoe is designed to be durable, light weight and comfortable. You have to a lot of rigidity here through the back of the side of the foot as well as through the heel. It is quite stiff. So it is going go give you some really good support and structure thought he ankle. At the toe of the shoe here you have got some open places for moment. You have got this nice big rubber bumper that comes up over the toe for protection. You have full lacing system here at the front of the shoe and you can see the laces com-bine in with these real stiff pieces of material on the side represents the three stripes of Adidas, but it is also incorporated into that wrap around the mid sole of the foot which gives you a really nice fit. It is very snug and comfortable through the top. The tongue is not... does have a bit of a gusset here, but it has got some good movement there as well. And adidas does use this like thermal molding material here at the top. I don’t know how well you can see that. But it is really flexible and it offers some good support and comfort against the front of the ankle there and it is not something that is going to absorb water. Now they do have a kind of a unique lacing system here. You can see it is a quick pull system so you have got this bungee. You can kind of pull that. It locks the whole thing in and then you have got a little tab here on the bottom and this band of material here to hold that lace out of the way so it is not flapping around. Inside the shoe and on your foot you have got adidas’ ortholite insole. This designs are really great climate inside the shoe so it is going to be perfect for managing moisture and sweat. This shoe is not a waterproof version. So if it happens to get wet, water gets in-side. You have got an outsole that is not going to absorb all that water and be squishy under foot the whole time you are using it. So a lot of this story about control is going to be incorporated here in the under foot package of the Terrex Fast R. Adidas uses the adidapreme plus technology here in the front of the shoe for good forward propulsion and efficiency. You are going to find that comfort and support here through the heel. The out sole is a traction design and they use continental rubber. It is super grippy. You have got some good lug design there as well. So you are going to get good traction out of the shoe. The real story comes in here with their hinged heel design where the back part of the shoe here, the heel, you can see there is a hinge right here is actually not connected to the rest of that midsole package. It is just connected through the actual out sole which kind of wraps up in there. And that hinge design really allows for good control as your heel comes down and plants. So if you are hiking, especially on a descent, this is absorbing a lot of that impact. It gives you a little bit better control with his shoe design.


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