Packing the MSR Hoop Tent Video


There are numerous ways to pack up your tent. It can be stuffed, rolled or folded. All techniques are acceptable. Here is one suggested technique that works well: When breaking down the poles, it is best to start in the center and divide the poles in half. This evenly stretches the shock cord, ensuring a long life. This also makes it easier to separate the poles. Fold the tent inner to roughly match the length of the tent bag. It is good to brush off any dirt at this point. Fold the rain fly to match the width of the folded inner and lay it on top. Place the pegs and the poles in the center. Fold the tent and the rain fly over the poles and roll it up tightly. Finally, do not store your Hoop wet or damp. If it is packed wet, unpack your tent as soon as possible and allow it to dry out completely before storing. Do not leave it packed wet or damp for more than 24 hours and in hot or humid conditions, do not leave it packed for more than 8 hours. Mold and mildew can develop quickly causing irreparable damage to the fabric.


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