Mountain Hardwear Women's Way2Cool T Video


I have got the Mountain Hardwear Women’s Way2Cool short sleeve shirt on and this isn’t your typical light weight high performance shirt. This actually has cooling technology that once you start to sweat it actively cools you down. Mountain Hardwear utilizes micro climate zoning in their Way2Cool shirts, which means that there is different types of fabric in different places on your body. In high heat areas there is a special fabric called cool cue zero. And what that means is when you start to sweat, there is little... there is tiny circles in the fabric that are actually sweat activated and they work to cool down the overall temperature of the fabric. That keeps you cooler. That helps in wicking, you know, when you are sweating and that helps you to stay out longer and be more comfortable in the clothing that you are wearing. The Way2Cool t-shirt is supposed to be worn next to skin. It is an active fit which means that it should be right up against your skin. As you are sweating it will be better for wicking capabilities. I am wearing a medium right now. I should be wearing a small. As you can see, it is a little bit loose. The other thing I will mention it does have flat seams so if you are wearing it for long periods of time that cuts down once chafing. It is a very soft fabric so you do want that against your skin and it is... the fabric is finished with an anti microbial finish. So that cuts down on odor as well. All in all the Mountain Hardwear Way2Cool short sleeve t-shirt is great for any aerobic activity.


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