MSR Hubba series Rain Fly and Footprint Set-up


In the Hubba series, the footprint can be used to either protect the tent floor when pitching on abrasive terrain or to save weight by pitching with just the rain fly and footprint. To pitch the Hubba tents, using just the rain fly and footprint, start by staking out the footprint with the MSR logo facing up. Insert the pole tips to the corner grommets of the footprint to create the Hubba pole structure. You may now rotate the cross pole to position on top and attach the rain fly. Next, secure the rain fly to the footprint by attaching the webbing straps to the pole tips using the grommets. To complete the footprint rain fly set up, stake out the guy ropes and vestibules. In the Hubba series, you can further save weight and time with the fast pitch method. This uses the rain fly only. Start with the rain fly laid out upside down and connect the pole tips to the rain fly grommets. Unzip the door and while holding the rain fly in one hand, carefully invert the pole structure using your other hand. Now rotate the cross pole and insert the pole tips into the ceiling grommets. Next, flip the rain fly over, stake out the corners and tension the webbing straps. To complete the fast pitch set up, stake out both the guy ropes and vestibules.


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