MSR Hoop Tent Lightweight Set-up Method Video


To protect the tent floor when camping on rough ground, an optional tent footprint can be used. To save weight when hiking, the Hoop can be set up using just the rain fly and the optional footprint. Lay down the footprint with the MSR logo facing up and stake out the four corners in the two end-points. Lay out the main hubbed pole and insert the pole tips into the eyelets at the end points of the footprint. Lay out the rain fly upside down and connect the side release buckles to one end of the footprint. Pull the rain fly over the poles connecting the tips of the cross poles to the grommets on the rain fly. Secure the other end of the rain fly in place by connecting the side release buckles. To complete this lightweight set up, it is a good idea to steak out the guy ropes and the vestibules to add support to the tent’s structure.


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