Kelty Grand Mesa 3 Backpacking Tent Video


Here we have the Kelty Grand Mesa 3. This is another tent in Kelty’s line that is affordable, really simple to set up. It has got a lot of great features and it is perfect for any three season camping and back packing use. As you can see, the Grand Mesa 3 is a free standing tent as we don’t have it yet staked into the ground with the rain fly. It comes with two DAC lightweight aluminum poles that easily clip into the grommets on all four sides of the tent. As you can see, there is these light weight plastic clips. And this eliminates the need for sleeves in a tent. So you will understand how easy it is to set up a tent with clips if you have ever set up a tent that has those long sleeves in it. I can set up this tent by myself. It is easier with two people, obviously, but really a really easy design and super simple to set up. So I am sitting in the Grand Mesa 3 and you can see there is plenty of room. The interior height is 48 inches, so there is plenty of room to sit, you know, if you need to sit up in a tent, play cards, whatever you need to do. The dimensions of the tent, it is 74 inches at the head and 69 inches at the foot. So it does taper in a little bit. That allows for plenty of room for three 20 inch sleeping mats. If you do prefer to have a little bit more room, or you are going to have a pet or something in the tent, or any type of gear, it may be more suitable for two people, but definitely plenty of room for three people without any gear. I will mention the large D shaped door. There is just one door on the tent, on, you know, on the head side of the tent. And so you can see it opens up really, really wide if you need to get gear in and out. There is a nice little stash pocket. So the door can be out of the way while you are getting gear in and out. There is a pocket on either side for storage and the tent also comes with a gear loft that you can attach onto the top of the tent so you can put head lamp, watch, whatever you need on the top of the tent. It is... there is a lot of mesh in the tent so there is going to be lots of ventilation. But, yeah, definitely great for three people or two people. So we are ready to attach the rain fly onto the tent and I will mention that Kelty has come up with a chore for, you know, not being able to orient rain fly, you know, with the door in the right spot, which is... can be a frustration when first setting up your tent. So you can see they have a color coded clip construction. And on the Grand Mesa 3 it is either going to be a grey strap or an orange strap. So pull you rain fly over the tent. Attach the grey to grey. It clips in really easily to the other side. Attach orange to the orange side. Tighten it up really well. And then pull the front of the vestibule out and stake it down like so. We have got the rain fly completely on the tent and I want to mention it does come with four guide out points. There are little loops on the side of the tent on either side. The tent does not come standard with guide out lines specifically for those. You can stake them out if you want. It will offer a little more ventilation if you do that. Other than that, just four guide out points. You can see one, two and in order to tighten those, tighten those up, make sure you are... your sides of your tent are nice and tight if it were to rain. See the nice big door on the front. You can roll that back to get in and out of the tent and it does have a little loop right there so you can secure the door open while you are getting in and out. Again, you have that big D shaped door on the front of getting in and out of the tent. The rain fly is seam sealed and waterproof if the clouds were to roll in. The Grand Mesa 3 weighs in at just six pounds, six ounces so it makes a great three person camping or a back packing tent if you are able to split up the weight. With all of its great features, it is cost effective, simple to set up and really easy to use. It makes it a great weekend tent.


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