GSI Outdoors Vortex Blender Camping Cookware Video


Hi I’m Russ Hartwell; I’m a representative of GSI Outdoors. A little bit of history, GSI Outdoors has been in existence for 25 years. Their main business is making food preparation products for the outdoor industry. OK today we’re going to talk about GSI’s hand crank Vortex Blender. We have a locking lid, and stored inside we have a stainless steel base which we are now going to attach to the table with our little clamp. Our carafe is 1 ½ liter BPA free resin, it contains stainless steel blades for chopping ice and it has a locking lid, it has a pour spout which can invert and be used as a shot glass. This locks in place on our stainless steel base here; our hand crack can be used in one of two locations. The top location, nice and smooth, slow speed and our bottom location, nice and smooth, high speed.


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