GSI Outdoors H2Jo! Cooking Accessory Video


Hi I’m Russ Hartwell; I’m a representative of GSI Outdoors. A little bit of history, GSI Outdoors has been in existence for 25 years. Their main business is making food preparation products for the outdoor industry. This is the H2Jo. GSI is located in the state of Washington and the state of Washington is known for its coffee lovers. I’ll show you how this works. This is constructed of a very fine mesh, stainless steel cone that screws into wide mouth bottles. I have the GSI Duk Jug here, I can screw this in, I can put in coarse grain coffee, or coarse grain loose tea, pour my water over it, it will then put a top on, it screws right on like so. It will steep and once I’ve gotten it to the strength I want, I can unscrew this, take it out and enjoy.


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