Black Diamond ergoACTIV Backpacks Video


So, the best example of our active frame philosophy is the ergoACTIV frame, which allows for movement in the X, and also allows for movement in the Y, but the most unique factor in this design is that is allows for elliptical ball joint movement in all directions. So, it moves in the same exact direction and pattern as your hips move while you’re walking. So, another component of the active frame technology is the shoulder straps. These straps are designed so that they’ll move with you. First of all, these are attached to a stainless steel cable through there. It reduces friction really dramatically compared to any way this has ever been done before. The amount of travel is really important; if it’s too much the pack can get unwieldy, it can move you around. We’ve limited it to an amount that’s appropriate for most things that you’re going to be doing. Most unique thing about this is not only is it connected with a bottom part that moves also, but it moves better than anything that’s ever been done before.


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