Vargo Triad XE Titanium Alcohol Stove

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Key Features

  • Duel fuel burning stove
  • Weighs just 1.5oz.
  • Compact design
  • Retractable top and bottom legs
  • Easy to fill

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Product Highlights

Designed for weight-conscious backpackers who recognize the advantages and disadvantages of burning denatured alcohol, the Vargo Titanium Triad XE Titanium is a dual-fuel (alcohol / fuel tab) stove. Specifically, denatured alcohol does not burn as well in high altitude (generally over 11,000 feet) or very cold temperatures (below 20 degrees F). In these situations burning fuel tabs is recommended.

Characteristics of burning alcohol in the Triad XE Titanium stove include intense heat during the priming stage and moderate heat once primed. Once primed, the stove is very fuel efficient, using very little alcohol. In general, the Triad XE Titanium stove can be used effectively in any condition, making it a stove that sets a higher standard in ultralight hiking.

NOTE: Attempting to burn fuels other than denatured alcohol or fuel tabs could result in explosion and possible injury.

Vargo part number: T-207

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Vargo Triad XE Titanium Alcohol Stove

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  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Ultralight-minimalist backpackers dream. The stove was even smaller and lighter than I expected when I got it. Extremely convenient that it burns both denatured alcohol and fuel tabs so almost any altitute and temp is a go. The low profile is great for windy days too.

    Dislikes: Since its not a "typical" stove (canister) and doesn't sound like a tiny jet engine when its lit, its sometimes difficult to tell when youve primed it in the morning sun its acutally lit or not. Just be safe and wait! Losing eyebrows backpaking is not fun.

  • James C. Columbia SC

    Likes: Very small and light. Can carry in your pocket

    Dislikes: Burns through fuel very quickly.

  • Dewey H. Hadley PA

    Likes: T fired it up in my garage as soon as I got back from the mailbox and was impressed with flame height!IT is super lite! The stove looks well built and should last a long time. I am becoming a cruncher of ounces and the weight of this stove and pot support fits in to the ultra lite class.Also it will burn solid fuel tabs as a backup, a nice option to have on long hikes should alcohol fuel get used up.

    Dislikes: Nothing that I can see at this point!