Ultimate Survival Technologies StarFlash Mirror/JetScream Whistle Combo

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Key Features

  • JetScream Whistle:
  • Pea-less construction allows for all-weather use
  • Compact, flat and just over 2" in length
  • Durable ABS is waterproof and floats
  • StarFlash Floating Mirror:
  • Unbreakable and scratch-resistant
  • Floats
  • Unique star-shaped opening in the center of the mirror allows for precise aiming of the signal flash at a target

Product Highlights

The Ultimate Survival Technologies StarFlash Mirror/JetScream Whistle Combo allows you to visibly and audibly call out your position in emergency situations. The high-pitch whistle and reflective mirror are absolute essentials for any survival kit.

The JetScream Whistle is a lightweight (0.3 oz) and powerful (122 dB) signaling device that can easily be heard above most natural and man- made noises. The pea-less design performs reliably in all conditions and compact dimensions (2.3” x 1.25”) make it buoyant and nearly indestructible. NOTE: Due to the decibel level produced by the whistle, use caution around others when using this device.

A lightweight (0.7 oz), functional emergency tool, the StarFlash Mirror enables you to send signals even on hazy or overcast days. An integrated aiming system allows you to target signals with flashlights, headlamps or even bright moonlight.

Ultimate Survival Technologies part number: 20-611-300-08