Ultimate Survival Technologies ParaKnife Kit 4.0 Knife/Survival Kit

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Price: $49.99

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Key Features

  • ParaKnife 4.0 and sheath
  • Pico 1.0 LED light
  • Liquid-filled button compass
  • Micro SparkWheel fire starter
  • Light-Me Tinder
  • JetScream Micro whistle
  • StarFlash Micro mirror

Product Highlights

An ideal addition to any backpack, the Ultimate Survival Technologies ParaKnife Kit 4.0 couples a durable 4mm-thick 4” stainless steel blade and an ergonomic handle wrapped in over 6 feet of removable paracord with a number of emergency essentials that are tucked into the protective sheath.

The 4” blade has a serrated edge for fast and efficient rope cutting and a black-oxide finish that effectively protects against corrosion. The full dimensions of the knife are 8.7” x 1.34” x 0.2”.

A nylon sheath is included to keep the knife clean and safely secure the blade, but it also houses several other emergency tools, including a 10 Lumens Pico 1.0 LED light, a small compass, a Micro SparkWheel fire starter, Light-Me Tinder, a JetScream Micro safety whistle, and a StarFlash Micro signaling mirror.

The weight of the entire ParaKnife Kit 4.0 is 8.8 ounces.

Ultimate Survival Technologies part number: 20-719-08