Ultimate Survival Technologies Micro Survival Kit

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Price: $39.99

In Stock! Ships Monday, April 27.

Key Features

  • aLokSak waterproof bag (5" x 4")
  • Button compass
  • Razor Saw
  • Pico Lite 1.0
  • JetScream Micro Whistle
  • StarFlash Micro Mirror
  • Spark Force Fire Starter
  • WetFire Tinder Cubs

Product Highlights

The Ultimate Survival Technologies Micro Survival Kit combines numerous innovative, compact emergency tools into a single portable unit. The kit consists of a small compass, a Razor Saw, a 10 Lumens Pico 1.0 LED light, a high-pitch JetScream safety whistle, a StarFlash Micro signaling mirror, a SparkForce fire starter and two cubes of WetFire Tinder.

The contents of the Micro Survival Kit are securely enclosed within an included 4” x 5” aLokSak waterproof pouch. NOTE: With the exception of the compass, each individual item in the Ultimate Survival Technologies B.A.S.E. Kit 1.0 can also be purchased separately.

Ultimate Survival Technologies part number: 20-711-01