Ultimate Survival Technologies Micro SparkWheel Fire Starter

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Key Features

  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Made of durable, high-qualtiy brass
  • 3 replacement flints included in a compact waterproof tube
  • Works great with UST Light-Me Tinder(sold separately), as well as other fine tinder sources
  • Designed to spark hundreds of times
  • Size HxWxD: 1.5”x.13”x.25” (38x3x6mm)
  • Weight: .02 oz. (5.9g)

Product Highlights

Built with thru-hikers and other ounce-counters in mind, the Ultimate Survival Technologies Micro SparkWheel fire starter weighs just .02 ounces and has compact dimensions of 1.5” x .13” x .25”, making it an ideal addition to any pack or emergency kit.

Despite its stature, the durable brass Micro SparkWheel is an effective source of ignition when coupled with UST Light-Me Tinder (sold separately) or another tinder source. It effectively generates sparks even in cold, wet, and windy conditions and is designed to spark hundreds of times.

Ultimate Survival Technologies part number: 20-02032-02