Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoes (Pair)

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Key Features

  • Sold in pairs
  • Fit-Step frame
  • SoftTec decking
  • Rotating toe cords with rotation limiters
  • 180Pro bindings
  • Active Lift 16 degree heel lifts
  • Cobra crampons


Recommended Use: Winter Day Hiking and Winter Snowshoeing
Item Weight: 25 inch: 4.5 lb/pair
30 inch: 5.1 lb/pair
36 inch: 6.3 lb/pair
Dimensions: 25 inch: 8" x 25"
30 inch: 9" x 30"
36 inch: 10" x 36"
Type: Snowshoes (Pair)
Capacity: 25 inch: 120-200 lb
30 inch: 170-250 lb
36 inch: 220-300 lb
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Highlights

Tubbs Wilderness snowshoes are perfect for snowy backcountry day hiking. Durable construction and an array of features combine to make Wilderness snowshoes a versatile option for varied conditions.

Wilderness snowshoes are available in three sizes. Measuring 8" x 25" each, Wilderness-25 inch snowshoes are suitable for a total weight (user and gear) of 120-200 pounds. At 9" x 30" per shoe, Wilderness-30 inch snowshoes are suitable for a total weight of 170-250 pounds and Wilderness-36 inch snowshoes (10" x 36" per shoe) are suitable for a total weight of 220-300 pounds.

Wilderness snowshoes utilize a Rotating Toe Cord to deliver comfort and maneuverability. This design provides shock-absorbing lateral flex, ensuring that your foot remains in a natural position even when you tackle side slope traverses. A Rotation Limiter prevents over rotation. It also maximizes crampon penetration in the snow base, ensuring efficient control and balance. The rotation also enables the tail of Wilderness snowshoes to drop away from the binding as you hike, effectively shedding snow, reducing resistance and minimizing the fatigue associated with carrying the unnecessary weight of clinging snow. The bases of the 180Pro bindings provide maximum support for your boot and a locking strap secures your heel in place. Contoured, padded uppers provide pressure-free comfort and added warmth. The binding bases are fully adjustable to accommodate varied boot widths.

The frame of each Wilderness snowshoe is constructed of durable 6000 Series aluminum. The tapered tail and technical rise of the nose of the frame enhance balance and provide excellent flotation. These ergonomic features allow you to maintain your normal walking stride, making Wilderness snowshoes extremely maneuverable. A built-in ActiveLift heel lifter lessens the distance that the bottom of your boot travels from the snowshoe deck during uphill climbs and, in turn, reduces fatigue.

The SoftTec decking material of Wilderness snowshoes provides durable, lightweight flotation. NOTE: A minimum base of 6"-8" of snow is suggested for usage in order to properly protect the integrity of the decking material.

Wilderness snowshoes are outfitted with the Cobra crampon system. Helping to maintain constant, dependable traction in snow and on ice, the system consists of carbon steel toe/ball of the foot crampons and stainless-steel crampons fixed centrally beneath your boot heel. Together, the crampons provide constant, dependable traction.

Tubbs Wilderness snowshoes are sold in pairs.

Sizes available: 25 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch

Tubbs part numbers: X1100125, X1100130, X1100136

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Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoes (Pair)

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  • Richard G. PITTSFORD NY

    Likes: Very easy to put on. Relatively easy to walk with.

    Dislikes: Slight problem with the front and back straps. There is a clip with each strap so the strap will not be loose. The problem is while using the Snowshoes over three hours the all of the clips let out the staps. Once during the three hour hike one of the snowshoes actually fell off my boot.