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Tracks Rubber Foot (Flex Tip) Walking Staff Accessory

The Tracks Rubber Foot (Flex Tip) is a press-fit tip protector that enables your Tracks Compact Travel Staff walking staff to be used indoors or on improved surfaces. The Tracks Rubber Foot is ONLY compatible with the Compact Travel Staff.

Rubber Foot (Flex Tip)

  • Price: $5.95
Tracks Walnut Knob Walking Staff Accessory

Every Tracks walking staff utilizes a functional and attractive wooden knob at the top of its foam grip. Sold individually, the Tracks Walnut Knob accessory replaces the lost, worn or broken knob of any Tracks brand walking staff.

Walnut Knob

  • Price: $9.95
  • Out of stock.
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Tracks trekking poles are hand built with high-strength, lightweight anodized aluminum tubing. They are available as single walking staffs and paired trekking poles. Their soft foam handgrip stays comfortable hour after hour, while their adjustable wrist straps aid transfer of weight when walking.

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