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MSR Hubba Gear Shed (2014) Accessory Vestibule

Updated for 2014! Serving as massive vestibule or drip-dry entryway, the MSR Gear Shed tent accessory adds increased weather protected storage space to any existing Hubba NX or Hubba Hubba NX tent (sold separately).

Hubba Gear Shed (2014)

  • Added storage for Hubba or Hubba Hubba tents
  • Reg. Price: $169.95
  • Free shipping plus free returns
Kelty TripTease Lightline (2013) Tent Accessory

Strong, ultra-reflective cord for guying out your tent.

TripTease Lightline (2013)

  • Guy line
  • No more tripping in the dark
  • Rating:
  • Reg. Price: $19.94
Kelty Staff Pole Tent and Shelter Accessory

Ideal for backcountry camping and backpacking, the sturdy Kelty Staff Pole is ideal for erecting and stabilizing tarps and backpacking shelters. The collapsible Staff Pole is 78 inches long when fully extended. Weighs a mere 12 oz.

Staff Pole

  • 78 in.
  • Ideal for tarp use
  • Rating:
  • Reg. Price: $29.94
Kelty Adjustable Pole Tent and Shelter Accessory

The sturdy Kelty Adjustable Pole is ideal for erecting and stabilizing tarps. Adjustable from 80 in. to 99 in., the Adjustable Pole will maximize the effectiveness of your tarp in providing extra backcountry weather protection or shade at the beach.

Adjustable Pole

  • 80-99 in.
  • Adjustable versatility for tarp use
  • Reg. Price: $49.94
  • Out of stock.
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