Submit Reviews – Get Inside Edge Points

Inside Edge members are eligible to receive discount points for submitting reviews of the products they've purchased from Backcountry Edge.

How Do I Earn Points?

Points are earned at the rate of 5% of the purchase price of the item you are reviewing. For example, if you purchased an item for $83.00, upon submitting your review you’ll receive 4.15 points (83 x 5% = 4.15). If you purchased more than one of the same item on an order, only one review may be submitted, and you'll earn points based on the price of a single unit of that item.
To begin reviewing, log in to your Inside Edge account or enroll in the Inside Edge program to access your order history. Items available for review will be displayed near the top of your account page.
What if My Products Aren't Displayed?
There is a 24 hour delay from the time of shipment until the products become available for review. Items that become discontinued are not eligible for review. If you made your purchase over the phone or were not logged into your Inside Edge account at the time of purchase, you may need to "link" your order to your account. A special Access Code is printed in the bottom right hand corner of the packing slip enclosed with your order. Within your Inside Edge account, enter this Access Code and press "Access This Order" to complete the link.
How Do I Redeem Points?
Discount points can be redeemed for purchases made online at Inside Edge points can be applied to your order at the rate of 1 point = $1.00. For example, if you choose to redeem 12.45 points, you receive $12.45 off your order total. If there are points in your account, your current points total will appear on the payment information screen during the checkout process. Simply click the box next to “Please apply” and the number of points you select will be applied to your order. If your points do not appear, please ensure that you are logged into your account.

How Much is a Point Worth?

1 point = $1.00 towards a future Backcountry Edge purchase.

Must I Pay for My Entire Order with Points?

No. Points can be used in combination with a credit card if your order total is greater than your points balance.

Must I Use All My Points at One Time?

No. You choose how many points you wish to redeem with each purchase. Points can be redeemed in increments of 0.01.

Do My Points Expire?

Yes. Points expire 1 year after the date issued.

Can I Use Points on Sale Items?


Can I Combine My Points with a Friend?

No. Points are non-transferable between accounts and may be redeemed only by the original purchaser/reviewer.

Can I Use My Points for Credit for a Previous Order?

No. Points can be redeemed only for new orders and only at the time of purchase.

Can I Cash Out My Points?
No. Points have no cash value. They can only be used for discounts on future orders.
Are Points Refundable?
Sorry, but points are not refundable.

Who is Eligible?

Only Inside Edge members are eligible to participate. Points that you earn can be redeemed by logging into your Inside Edge member account and placing an order at

Are Any Products Ineligible for Review?
Gift cards, gift certificates and products that become discontinued are ineligible for review.
Backcountry Edge reserves the right to cancel or revise this offer at any time. See Terms and Conditions.