Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium Backpacking Cook Pot

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Key Features

  • Titanium construction
  • 24 oz. (0.875 quart) capacity; 4-1/8" dia x 4-3/8"
  • Mesh stuff sack included
  • Nesting design
  • Measuring scale stamped inside
  • Slotted lid for draining water; 4-1/8" dia x 3/4"


Recommended Use: Lightweight backpacking
Item Weight: 4.7 oz.
Type: Titanium
Capacity: 26 oz.
Packed Size: 4.2" x 4.75"

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Product Highlights

The Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium is an ultra-light, ultra-versatile cooking pot. At only 4.8 oz. this pot holds 24 oz. (0.75 quart).

Like other Snow Peak products, the Trek 700 Titanium is designed to save space in your pack. The pot can stow a 7 oz. canister of Snow Peak fuel and a GigaPower stove. The slotted lid can hold a spork, and one additional canister of fuel can be placed on top of the lid. A mesh stuff sack is included to help hold everything together.

This pot is packed with features to make your life easier in the backcountry. There is a measuring scale stamped on the inside of the pot (no need to carry an extra measuring cup). The slotted lid clips onto the side of the pot, and can be used to strain noodles or drain water out of the pot. After a long day on the trail, these extra features are greatly appreciated.

Titanium is an advanced, lightweight metal that is more corrosion resistant than stainless steel and more heat resistant than aluminum. The Trek 700 is one of the most lightweight and durable cook pots you'll find.

Snow Peak part number: SCS-005T

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Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium Backpacking Cook Pot

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  • . Fairfield IA

    Likes: I have used this stove while hiking and traveling in remote areas, with alcohol and wood stoves. I like that it is ultra strong and can take a lot of abuse, and that it is small and compact so it doesn't take much space in a backpack. I carry my stove, windscreen, lighter, spices, etc. inside the pot, and secure everything with a small loop of shock cord around the handles and the lid hanger, and that keeps the contents secure. This may be an ideal pot for the solo hiker.

    Dislikes: The lid, which I think is not titanium (correct me if I'm wrong), warped slightly with the heat, so it doesn't rest completely flush on the pot. This is a minor but unexpected flaw, so I thought I would mention it.

  • Sean A. east hampton CT

    Likes: This little pot is super light! It's a great addition to my backpacking gear and i don't think it's going to get replaced for a long long time. It's just big enough for a full box of mac n cheese and i love the little slot in the lid for draining water. So far i'm very pleased with Snow Peak's gear.

    Dislikes: nothing

  • . tobyhanna PA

    Likes: Fits a fuel canister inside of it plus stove. Perfect for one person.

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • . Newtown PA

    Likes: Fits perfectly with the Trek Combo set and is the perfect size to boil water to hydrate a meal or for the Snow Peak French Press. Has a nice lid which does NOT function as a frying pan like the Trek Combo pots. I would have no reservation with any of the Snow Peak products...see my other reviews.

    Dislikes: ...word of caution, may not sit well on some stoves due to it's smaller base. Be sure to check your stove's dimensions.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Overall, I think this is a great little cup/pot. I'd buy it again. I bought it as a larger cup and a small cooking container and believe that it serves that purpose. I brewed coffee and disinfected water in it. The cup is durable and heats/cools rapidly as expected. The top is nicely designed with a hook tab on one side for lifting the top up to check on the liquid contents while heating and two hooks on the other side which temporarily secure the top to the cup so it won't fall off or be pushed off when a liquid is boiled in it. It also has a small cutout for sipping liquids which also served to relieve pressure from steam nicely. The best part is heat transfer to the handle is very little

    Dislikes: No issues.

  • Patrick I. Cerritos CA

    Likes: Quality construction, light weight, durable, gear geek points :)

    Dislikes: The fact that the lid is SS and not Ti.

  • Jason A. Southlake TX

    Likes: Light, tough like titanium should be. Good value for price.

    Dislikes: "Latch" on the lid doesn't fit very well. It's intended to be a hinge-like contact point for use when tipping pouring through the drain hole in the lid, but it keeps slipping out of the groove.

  • John T. Fort Leonard Wood MO

    Likes: Great for coffee and soup. Easy to heat yet handles stay cool. Pasta drain is a major plus.

    Dislikes: it was made in China

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