Snow Peak Titanium Cafe Latte Set

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Key Features

  • Titanium construction
  • Makes enough for 3 cups
  • 3.2" d x 5.5" h (press) and 3.2" d x 3.6" h (foamer)
  • Folding handles
  • Nylon mesh storage sack included


Recommended Use: Backcountry luxury coffee
Item Weight: 13.3 oz.
Dimensions: Press: 3.2 in diam x 5.5 in high
Foamer: 3.2" diam x 3.6 in high
Type: Titanium
Capacity: 3 cups
Packed Size: 7 x 6.5 x 3.5 in.
Warranty: Lifetime

Product Highlights

Weighing only 13.3 oz, the Snow Peak Titanium Café Latte Set includes a milk foamer and a coffee press so you can enjoy a little bit of backcountry luxury.

To operate the cafe press, simply bring water to a near boil in the pot. Drop in your favorite ground coffee beans, and let them brew for a few minutes. Then, press down on the plunger and pour out flavorful, fresh-brewed coffee.

The milk foamer is also easy to operate. Just heat milk in the foamer pot and then work the plunger for 30 seconds and the foamed milk is ready to scoop.

The Café Latte set is made of lightweight titanium. Titanium is an advanced, ultra-lightweight metal that is more corrosion resistant than stainless steel and more heat resistant than aluminum. The inside of the pot is stamped with convenient measuring marks. The handles stay cool, and fold away for easy packing.

Set makes 3 cups. Set includes: milk foamer, café press, padded mesh storage sack and nylon stuff sack.

Snow Peak part number: CS-110

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Snow Peak Titanium Cafe Latte Set

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  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: it's ultra light coffe set for me.
    thankyou for good price~!!

    Dislikes: ..

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: It's so wonderful and much fun to make cups of coffee by the light weight Cafe Set during camping .

    Dislikes: So far no