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Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest (2013) Hydration Vest Pack

Drawing on the expertise of champion ultra-runner Scott Jurek, the Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest effectively balances weight and performance in providing at-the-ready hydration for long-distance running or racing. Two 20 oz sport bottles included.

Ultimate Direction
SJ Ultra Vest (2013)

  • Scott Jurek signature hydration vest
  • Rating:
  • Reg. Price: $124.95
  • Free shipping plus free returns
CamelBak Octane LR Hydration Pack

Catering to trail runners, adventure racers and fast-and-light day hikers, the CamelBak Octane LR hydration pack employs lightweight, streamlined design features and a unique reservoir situated horizontally across the lumbar region.

Octane LR

  • 335 cu in
  • 70 oz hydration system included
  • Reg. Price: $100.00
  • Free shipping plus free returns
CamelBak Ultra LR Vest (2013) Hydration Vest Pack

Catering to runners who expect to spend all day on the trail, the CamelBak Ultra LR Vest has an integrated hydration system and features that keep water, fuel and other race essentials close at hand. Includes a 70 ounce Antidote Lumbar Reservoir.

Ultra LR Vest (2013)

  • 200 cu in
  • 70 oz lumbar reservoir included
  • Reg. Price: $130.00
  • Free shipping plus free returns
Nathan Base Belt Running Belt

The Nathan Base Belt is your starting point to create a personalized running belt or minimalist dayhiking lumbar pack. Add just those features you need, including pockets, flasks or race number attachments (all sold separately).

Base Belt

  • Customizable waist belt for active pursuits
  • Reg. Price: $14.99
Salomon XR Energy Belt Running Belt

Perfect for training runs or short-distance trail races, the lightweight Salomon XR Energy Belt offers a broad range of adjustability, a bounce-free carry, streamlined organization and even includes two 200ml gel/water flasks.

XR Energy Belt

  • Lightweight running belt
  • Reg. Price: $55.00
Nathan Speed 2 Hydration Belt

The Nathan Speed 2 hydration belt provides easy on-the-fly access to two 10 ounce sport flasks. This ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfortable belt keeps fuel and hydration at the ready without slowing down your pace.

Speed 2

  • Ultra-lightweight hydration running belt
  • Reg. Price: $47.99
Nathan Race Number Attachment Running Belt Accessory (Pair)

Never drive a safety pin into your shirts or shorts again. Sold in pairs, the Nathan Race Number attachment attaches easily to Nathan Base Belts or Swift Belts (sold separately) and safely secures race bibs without any need to tangle with safety pins.

Race Number Attachment

  • Securely holds race bibs
  • Reg. Price: $6.99
Ultimate Direction AK Race Vest (2013) Hydration Vest Pack

Reflecting Anton Krupicka's minimalist approach, the ultra-lightweight (6 oz) Ultimate Direction AK Race Vest incorporates the hydration (two 20oz bottles) and storage features you truly need for a day of trail running while skipping anything extraneous.

Ultimate Direction
AK Race Vest (2013)

  • Anton Krupicka signature hydration vest
  • Reg. Price: $89.95
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Nathan Endurance (2L) Hydration Vest Pack

A race-ready hydration vest pack, the Nathan Endurance includes a 2L hydration system and features numerous storage features to ensure that you're able to carry and conveniently access everything you need on your next running adventure.

Endurance (2L)

  • Lightweight 2L hydration vest pack
  • Reg. Price: $109.99
  • Free shipping plus free returns
  • Out of stock.
Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest (2013)

The Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest keeps necessary items close at hand. This low-profile, well-ventilated racing vest offers endurance athletes a light, comfortable way to carry an assortment of items for ultra-distance style runs.

Mountain Hardwear
Fluid Race Vest (2013)

  • 175 cu in
  • Low profile endurance athlete vest
  • Rating:
  • Reg. Price: $59.99
  • Out of stock.
Nathan HPL #028 Running Vest

The iconic Nathan HPL #028 running vest returns at the request of trail runners everywhere. With rear and front pocket options, the vest let you decide if you prefer to carry a bladder or a bottle (not included) while providing additional storage.

HPL #028

  • Iconic running vest
  • Reg. Price: $49.99
  • Out of stock.
Nathan Elite Surge Hydration Waist Pack

Strategically placing 22 oz of water in easy reach, the Nathan Elite Surge waist pack promises a comfortable, “bounce-free” carry. An insulated cradle helps to keep water cool while also making certain that the bottle stays put.

Elite Surge

  • Single bottle waist pack
  • Reg. Price: $44.99
  • Out of stock.
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