Ruff Wear Headwater Collar Dog Collar

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  • Ruff Wear Headwater Collar Dog Collar
  • Fern Green
  • Obsidian Black
  • Orange Sunset
  • Red Currant

Key Features

  • Proven reliable 4-point stitching method is trusted on parachute bridles and tie-down straps
  • Anodized 1-piece aluminum V-ring provides a secure leash attachment point
  • Waterproof, coated 1-inch webbing keeps collar stinkproof and looking new
  • Highly visible reflective pattern
  • Minimal tag jingle with silicone tag silencer

Product Highlights

Ideal for active dogs, especially swimmers, the Ruff Wear Headwater Collar is waterproof, stink-proof and bacteria-resistant. A waterproof coating keeps the strong, supple Headwater Collar looking great even after repeated uses. An anodized aluminum attachment point connects securely to leashes.

Available in Medium (neck width of 14"-20") and Large (20"-26") sizes and your choice of colors, the Ruff Wear Headwater Collar incorporates reflective patterns for increased low-light visibility.

Styles available: Large Fern Green, Large Obsidian Black, Large Orange Sunset, Large Red Currant, Medium Fern Green, Medium Obsidian Black, Medium Orange Sunset, Medium Red Currant

Ruff Wear part numbers: 25401-335L, 25401-001L, 25401-835L, 25401-615L, 25401-335M, 25401-001M, 25401-835M, 25401-615M

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Ruff Wear Headwater Collar Dog Collar

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  • Marcella P. San Luis Obispo CA

    Likes: The design is really cool, my dog is an avid ocean swimmer and the durability is superb. The split ring for tags is nice, and the collar is highly visible even in poor weather at sea.

    Dislikes: The material feels like thick rubber tires. It is NOT pliable- when it arrives you can't work it into a round shape- it's just sort of stuck in an oblong shape. On my dogs head, her neck caused it to get into shape- sort of. The lack of pliability makes it hard to adjust without altering the shape even more. It just can't be that comfortable- I mean it's thick and hard- though it's a slick surface so it doesn't hurt her. It would be like having a plastic wrist band for admission somewhere around your neck. Ther is no give, and eventually you're looking for the scissors.