Platypus Drinking Tube Kit Hydration System Accessory

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Key Features

  • Turns any Platy Bottle or CleanStream Gravity Filter System into a customer hydration system
  • Includes a tri-layer taste-free tube, HyperFlow Bite Valve, lapel clip and easy-to-attach screw cap

Product Highlights

Turn any Platy Bottle, Water Tank or your CleanStream Gravity Filter System (all sold separately) into a hands-free hydration system with the BPA-free Platypus Drinking Tube Kit. The kit includes a taste-free tube, a HyperFlow Bite Valve, a lapel clip and an easy-to-use screw cap attachment.

The Platypus Drinking Tube Kit also serves as a replacement for Platypus hydration systems that are starting to show the effects of rugged trail use.

Platypus part number: 07045

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Platypus Drinking Tube Kit Hydration System Accessory

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  • Mark C. Arnold MO

    Likes: This is one of those nice accessories that can make an ordinary item much more useful.

    The bite peice is nice and they are truly tasteless as advertised.

    Dislikes: Theyre a bit pricey for what they are, however I own a few play bottles so its use is justified.