Platypus Big Zip SL Hydration System

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Key Features

  • Complete system with reservoir, hose and bite valve
  • Easy-to-clean wide-mouth SlideLock closure with secondary reinforcement
  • Quick-disconnect valve allows easy removal of reservoir from a pack
  • Shutoff valve between hose and bite valve
  • Available in three sizes:
    1.8L (7.5" x 13" - 4 oz)
    2.0L (6.25" x 17" - 4 oz)
    3.0L (7.5" x 17" - 4.5 oz)

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  • Brand Story
    Platypus Design Philosophy   Platypus Design Philosophy

Product Highlights

The lightweight, flexible Platypus Big Zip SL hydration system is totally taste-free and comes complete with a drinking tube and HyperFlow bite valve. Tough enough to stand up to freezing and boiling temperatures, it makes an ideal upgrade or replacement component for an existing hydration pack, and instantly converts any standard pack into a hands-free hydration system.

The Platypus Big Zip SL reservoir features a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. The face-mounted hose port makes it simple to get the reservoir in and out of your pack. The ergonomic 90 degree shutoff valve allows for easy drinking and the HyperFlow Bite Valve delivers a high flow rate which is important when you want to stay well-hydrated while on the go.

The entire system is leak-proof. The Big Zip SL has an integrated SlideLock closure that ensures a secure and easy closure. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the durable tri-layer laminate film is extremely puncture and abrasion resistant. The reservoir and the drinking tube of the Big Zip SL feature Platypus's SlimeGuard anti-microbial treatment to ensure a completely fresh and taste-free system.

A quick connect fitting is included that allows you to use a water filter (sold separately) and pump filtered water directly into the Big Zip SL reservoir through the drinking tube.

The Platypus Big Zip SL hydration system is available in 1.8L (60 z.), 2.0L (70 oz.) and 3.0L (100 oz.) size options.

Sizes available: 1.8L, 2.0L, 3.0L

Platypus part numbers: 07020, 07021, 07022

Product Reviews

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Platypus Big Zip SL Hydration System

Average customer rating:
Number of reviews: 27

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  • Marshall S. San Antonio TX

    Likes: I have a water bladder but I like this Platypus 3L better. The Platypus is light weight and, with the wide-mouth opening it is easy to clean and refill with water. Best of all it doesn't leak! What sold me was how smart it was made.

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Mike B. Cheektowaga NY

    Likes: What a perfect hydration system right out of the packaging. I opted for the 3L bladder because I'll be backpacking with my daughter and best to have more water than not enough. The water doesn't have that plasticy taste at all. I was worried about the zip closure based on my experience with other products bit I was thrilled that this was simple and effective. The bite valve and quick connect are also nice features. So easy to use that even my 18 month old was easily drinking from the system.

    Dislikes: Nothing. I'm love it.

  • . Hawesville KY

    Likes: Everything! Only one I have used and not had any issues with

    Dislikes: Cleaning seems to be a task

  • Steve M. Vero Beach FL

    Likes: Leakproof, lightweight. Easy to operate. No funky taste.

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • . Downey CA

    Likes: Lite easy to clean

    Dislikes: No bite valve

  • . Fresno CA

    Likes: So far so good, it was between this and the Camelbak. Based on reviews and a few features I went with the Platypus. I have not used it out in the field but am impressed so far. Time will tell.

    Dislikes: Nothing yet, we shall see once I take it out on the trail.

  • . Los Osos CA

    Likes: Awesome bladder system. No funky taste, and the zipper is really well-designed. It did not leak one drop, and the big opening makes it easy to fill and clean.

    Dislikes: Should definitely come with the bite valve cover.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Love the big opening. Makes it easy to clean and dry. Hasn't leaked a drop so far under mild-to-moderate use inside my pack. Can be frozen, if desired.

    Dislikes: Shame on you, Platypus, for not including a bite valve cover. Gave 4 stars because the bite valve cover "can be purchased separately" for around $5. Should be included with the bladder. Period.

  • David W. Whitinsville MA

    Likes: Easy to pack and use, plenty of volume - I don't always need to fill it all the way.

    Dislikes: First one I bought ruptured - think I packed it too tight. Replacement worked fine through multiple hikes though.

  • Kaushik G. Boise ID

    Likes: I got a 3L one for myself and a 2L one for my friend. Both work flawlessly, the big zip works absolutely fine. No leaks whatsoever, even when turned upside down. Water tastes a bit weird for the first couple of times, but once cleaned thoroughly and used, no traces of foul odor/taste.

    Dislikes: For a company like Platypus, I would expect them to ship a cover/cap for the bite valve as part of the standard package of the hydration system itself (instead of charging additional 5 bucks for the same). The bite valves are meant to suck water thru mouth, who on earth would like to use a dirty/dust infected bite valve. Marketing strategists need a better sense of customer use cases as well!

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: I love how easy this is to use. No plastic taste that I've read about with some of the other systems. Easy to use, no leaks, definitely a good choice!

    Dislikes: I liked everything about it.


    Likes: BPA and pthalate-free water bladder that fits in all my packs. Awesome, easy to clean design so you don't start growing funky black stuff inside.

    Dislikes: nothing so far.

  • Stephen G. Garfield AR

    Likes: Great size. Works great.

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • Michael P. Panama City Beach FL

    Likes: The Platypus Big Zip 2.0L is my "go-to" hydration bladder for all my long distance hiking. It especially fits well in my Deuter ACT Zero 60+10 backpack. I love the Big Zip design which enables for very easy removal of the bladder from my pack with the hose quick disconnect feature. Its easy to clean with the wide mouth, easy to fill also. Platypus bladders are the best!

    Dislikes: Nothing

  • Anthony P. Point Pleasant WV

    Likes: Great hydration system! Drying the platypus is super easy. No leaks so far.

    Dislikes: Like to see this a little wider to take some of the height off of it.The Big Zip may not fit some smaller packs.
    Bite valve is a little large.

  • david m. fountaintown IN

    Likes: Easy to install. Easy to clean.

    Dislikes: Seems like the plastic taste in the water never goes away.

  • matt h. fort wayne IN

    Likes: lightweight,no leaks, easy access for cleaning

    Dislikes: I wish you could use it as the clean resevoir on the gravity works filter system, but the hoses arent interchangable.

  • Mark R. Oak Ridge TN

    Likes: no plactic tast easy clean

    Dislikes: nothing

  • Patrick M. wichita KS

    Likes: I've had this for about 2 years now and it is a fantatstic product. It has never leaked. Ive used it on 26 mile hikes in Colorado and in the car for long drives. One of my friends has a water purification system that connects directly to the platy which was super convenient too. A great product.

    Dislikes: Have to be careful to store it in a dry condition.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: really like the larger capacity which is great for extended backpacking trips. Top entry is reliable and convenient for cleaning. Great product!

    Dislikes: nothing yet to complain of:)

  • Makenzi J. Salt Lake City UT

    Likes: I love this product! It is so much easier to clean with its top entry, instead of the whole on the side. Works great!

    Dislikes: I would recommend it to anyone. Some water filters are able to attach rite on normal camel pack which can be convenient, but I would rather have the top entry that is easier to clean.

  • Scott H. Thomson GA

    Likes: This hydration system is fantastic! I have altered it to be my filter/hrydration system all-in-one. I use it in my pack and also filter water at the same time by adding a filter in between. I also trimmed some line off to help with this process. I also can hang it in camp as a base-camp filter since it holds 3 ltrs. The whole system including filter weighs only 7.8 ounces & filters to .1 microns!

    Dislikes: none

  • Claude B. Mooresville NC NC

    Likes: im a steripen guy so i liked the idea of the big zip so that i could sterilize effectivly without the need of a nother container and the akward transwer associated. I was a little sceptical of the zip but have tried my hardest (inverting, compressing gear against it as tight as possible, etc) and have not been able to produce a drop of leakage. the mouth piece is very comfortable and the quick disconect hose makes it easy to remove the bladder without the hose.

    Dislikes: I cant find a thing i would change. wonderful product.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: Easy to drink from
    Easy to clean
    Seems durable thus far...

    Dislikes: None

  • Richard L. Woodstock GA

    Likes: excellent hydrations system with shut off valve at at the bite valve, while other leaked, mine never did. Large bladder allowed me to carry a full days water supply.
    Wide opening makes cleaning a drying very easy. Only owned one other bladder, Big Zip is by far the better one.

    Dislikes: Nothing.

  • Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer

    Likes: u must have this in your backpack! great product!

    Dislikes: all good so far

  • Tatton J. Meriden KS

    Likes: The water tube of the Big Zip disconnects at the bottom of the bladder, allowing easy removal from backpacks.

    The 'zip' feature (similar to a zip-lock back, only more heavy-duty) provides a bit of insurance against leaks or spills due to improper closure.

    Dislikes: I still worry about the material the bladder is made from, but it's quite likely that I've been made to doubt its durability by listening to nay-sayers. From what I can tell so far, the material should hold up pretty well.

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