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Petzl Tikka R+ Headlamp

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Key Features

  • REACTIVE LIGHTING mode Light output adjusts instantly, due to the light sensor. Light output is optimized to guarantee the chosen burn time. This automatic lighting adjustment keeps the hands as free as possible
  • Constant lighting mode is also available, guaranteeing stable lighting that does not diminish during the entire chosen burn time
  • Maximum light output: 135 lumens
  • Three lighting levels available: Max power (power prioritized), Standard (power/battery life balance), Max autonomy (battery life prioritized)
  • Red lighting mode preserves night vision (red LED)
  • Two independent switches simplify usage: one for lighting mode (REACTIVE LIGHTING or constant), the other to choose between the three lighting levels; Lock function to avoid accidentally turning it on during transit or storage
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery: universal charging with micro USB port, battery charge indicator, performs well at low temperatures, can be replaced with standard battery pack for use in remote areas
  • Comfortable headband is easy to adjust. Two-part construction at the back of the head for excellent support during dynamic activities
  • Customized burn time with OS by Petzl software, free for download at


Recommended Use: Backpacking, Camping, Hiking and Trail Running
Item Weight: 4 oz
Batteries: Lithium-Ion Rechargeable (Included)
Battery Life: 4 hours-12 hours
Focus: Mixed or Focused
Bulb: 1 high-output White LED and 1 Red LED
Max in Reactive: 170 Lumens
Max in Constant: 120 Lumens
Waterproof: Water-Resistant
Housing Tilts: Yes
Other: Mini-USB Charger Included

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Product Highlights

Utilizing innovative Reactive lighting and equipped with a large, high-output white LED bulb and a smaller red LED bulb, the Petzl Tikka R+ is a compact, multi-dimensional headlamp. By analyzing the available ambient light, the Tikka R+’s intelligent beam adjusts to maximize efficiency.

Petzl’s Reactive Lighting employs an integrated light sensor that measures and analyzes reflected light to instantly and automatically adjust the headlamp’s light output to your needs. Lighting adjusts automatically to the distance of the object in front of you and it adjusts so quickly and indiscernibly that all you’ll notice is that your headlamp gives you the illumination you need in varying conditions. If you’re hiking or running and looking toward the ground in front of you, the beam is wide and at medium strength in order to properly illuminate obstacles in your path. When lifting your head to see further into the distance, the light output increases and becomes more focused.

A user-friendly electronic push-button allows you to choose between the Reactive setting and a Constant lighting mode that provides a stable, unchanging beam. A second button allows you to toggle between Maximum power, Standard (which balances power/battery life) and a Max Autonomy setting that prioritizes battery life over brightness. These three settings are available for both Reactive and Constant modes.

At the Maximum Power setting in Reactive Mode, the Tikka R+ produces up to 170 Lumens of illumination and casts a beam up to 213 feet! The Standard setting increases burn time to 6 hours with a maximum brightness of 130 Lumens and the lowest, most economical setting increases burn time to up to 12 hours at a max of 70 Lumens. In Constant Mode, the three settings vary between 120 max Lumens to an energy-efficient 40 Lumens.  There is also an available red LED mode that allows users to maintain night vision for when the light is turned off. An integrated reserve mode ensures that you have 25 Lumens for up to an hour even when the indicator alerts that the battery life is low.

The Tikka R+ is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (included) and includes a micro-USB charger. The total weight of the Tikka R+ is 4 ounces.

A hinge on the housing of the lamp enables you to aim the beam where you need it most. A comfortable, adjustable headband with 2-part construction at the back of the head offers maximum support for aerobic activities.

Water-resistant and suitable for all-weather use, the Petzl Tikka R+ is available in your choice of colors.

Styles available: Blue, Coral, Teal Blue

Petzl part numbers: E92 RB, E92 RC, E92 RT